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The Eucharist

The Faith Behind The Eucharist What is the Eucharist? The Eucharist is made of  Bread received at Catholic Church for those whom have faith in Jesus Christ. Where is the Eucharist Made? The youngsters can not receive the Eucharist until they have received their Holy Communion. The Holy Communion is a yearly celebration of the Holy Catholic Church. Children as young as nine years old can receive for the first time the Eucharist. The Priest of the the Holy Catholic Church is the first one who gives the Eucharist by hand to the Catholic Believer during Mass. For the ill that are bedridden can receive their Eucharist for a Catholic Priest at their request. By Hand The Priest gives the Faithful the Bread in their Mouth or in the both folded Palm of their Hand. Who Created The Eucharist? Jesus Christ Performs The First Eucharist Our Lord, Jesus Christ performed the first Eucharist in front of this 12 Apostles. Jesus Christ taught his 12 Aportles how to do the Eucharist when