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Petition Trending

MEGATRNDZ > News >  Art > Art Exhibition   Petition Trending!    2017-09-26- 7:00 pm  #AnimalCruelty #loveALLanimals #BeKind #belove #iamchoosinglove A petition trending is the Animal Cruelty Free Exhibition at the Guggenheim . It really is worth signing. The concern with all these exhibitions so called art is not just the animals. But what are the people thinking. Is there some enjoyment in watching animals be raged. The petition has already received 678,406 supporters as of September 26, 2017. The Petition is started by Stephanie Lewis in the United States. Why would American Express ever support Animal Cruelty? It is no surprise this type of odd behaviour in China because in China they eat Dogs but American Express. What is the odd association with American Pit Bulls? The Exhibition at the Guggenheim begins in October 6, 2017 is set to run for three months.Where there will be american pill bull dogs "facing off against one another, running "at&quo

Relaciones con el Presidente y el Primer Ministro

MEGATRNDZ > Noticias > Politicas >    Noticias de última hora : Presidente de los Estados Unidos discurso y el primer ministro español Mariano Rajoy      2017-09-26- 6:00 pm  El martes a las 2 pm 26 de septiembre 2017 Presidente de los Estados Unidos Donald Trump habla sobre la destructiva Fuerza de la Naturaleza. En su discurso dice que Texas, Louisiana y Florida están haciendo Bien después de los Huracanes. El Presidente agradece a los primeros respondedores y su proceso de recuperación. El presidente Donald Trump y el primer ministro español Mariano Rajoy se dirigen al mundo sobre su relación y sanción contra los países terroristas y socialistas Donald Trump habla sobre el ataque terrorista español esta semana. Aunque no lo menciona en el discurso, el Presidente ha colocado prohibiciones de viajar en Corea del Norte, & nbsp; Irán y Venezuela. & nbsp; El Presidente Donald Trump agradece a España por su reciente decisión: Expulsar a su Embajador de

President and Prime Minister Relations

MEGATRNDZ > News >  Politics>    Breaking News: President of the United States speech and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy      2017-09-26- 3:00 pm  On Tuesday at 2 pm September 26, 2017 President of the United States Donald Trump talks about the destructive Force of Nature. In his speech he says that Texas, Louisiana, and Florida are doing Fine after the Hurricanes. The President thanks first responders and their recovery process. President Donald Trump, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy address the world about their relationship and sanction against terrorist and socialist countries Donald Trump talks about the Spanish Terror Attack this week. He talks about " Although he does not mention it in the speech, the President has placed travel bans in North Korea,  Iran and Venezuela.  President Donald Trump thanks Spain for its recent decision: To expel  its North Korea Ambassador for standing with us, in our efforts to isolate, the brutal North Korea Regime.