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Human Crisis Who do you believe?

Human Crisis Trend  Evacuation Trend       Black Out TrendDeception Trend Sunday March 6 2022 Ukraine time Day 11 Ukraine War Childen Targeted  #StopRussia international prayer day march 6 2022 pray for ukraine   Please pray to Jesus Christ for the deception to end. Lord Jesus Christ please give a tunnel of light of safety to the evacuees as you did to the Israelites as the fled the tyrant Egyptian Pharaoh. Bring a miracle. Humanitarian corridors is looking not safe.  Ukraine has been assulted gravely by Russians this is Sunday day 11. People are being shot cold blooded on streets of Ukraine  even in their homes. Humanitarian corridors were negotiated, however; it never worked as their promise was broken a day ago by Russian assault. Children are dying, people without weapons becoming martyrs. Putin has said he will do public executions. Ofcourse once social media blocks the insanity of this world we will be in a blackout. Ukranians have reported crimes up as looting, bank