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Election Fraud Trend: U.S Elections 2020

November Trends  Election Fraud Trend:  U.S Elections 2020 Children of Darkness Trend: Vigano    Climate Chaos Trend: Hurricane Storm Eta Today United States President's Lawyer Press Briefing Update on Voting Fraud Trend November  19 2020 by Veronica Davis 2020-11-19 250,000 American deaths are recorded so far and the Covid-19 are to blame? There are eighty thousand people hospitalized .  While the Media has been glorifying the new American President for the next few years it is not just final.  As two weeks have passed since the American elections. Has there been changes in the election results? So far there has been lawsuits and recounts. And yes, they have been uncovering more evidence of Voter Fraud.  In the American State of  Georgia has changed the votes as more votes for President Trump gaining 1400 votes. In Michigan. Affidavits show how they have been bullied into certifying the election now votes have been resend. There will be a recount in Wisconsin as President Donald J