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Ukraine Crisis February 25 2022 Update

Day 2 Friday February 25 2021 3:40 pm ukraine 7:40 am Tweets  Day 2 of Ukraine Crisis   Russian War Ukrainians sheltering in metro stations as air sirens are soundind loud. Apartment building was destroyed overnight. Ukraine has shot down 2 russian missiles and fighter jet at calital. Over 137 dead and more injued in Ukraine. Today DW a german public broadcast reports Ukraine soldiers is fighting russian troops on ground outside of Kyiv, ukraine. Ukraine Refugees Drafts Why are troops not going to Ukraine. Is it fear. While most Ukrainians are running desperately out of targeted zones which is almost in 8 cities some have to stay. Males between ages 18 to 60 have to fight for their country. Most have no experience. UN says over 5 million will flee Ukraine. Ukraine refugees are at Romania border Chernobyl While yesterday there are reports the Russia is taking over Chernobyl it is hard to say why. Some say chernobyl