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The Testimony Trend and The Wrong Set Up Trend

The Ceasefire Trend    The Testimony Trend    The Artificial Intelligence Trend Exposing The Wrong Setup Trend Ezekiel 38 Russian-Turkish-Iranian- Alliance T he Testimony and The Wrong Set Up 2017-12-03 #grace #devotion #love #yashua #jesuslovesme #mytestimony # Emergency Respose Team did not care about  the strange device was, it was a brown seethrough bottle cut in half  with a transparent bag hanging from it, with white powder in it and closed with green tape at the end. The top of the bottle had a closed lid on it.  How Safe are we? Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Deception is what God Put us hear on this Earth to do. Many of us feel overwhelmed. Ceasefire God's Grace of Yashua is always present. No matter what experience God's Love Wisdom Grace never abandons me. I breath, smell, see, and taste God's Grace and love each time I grow more with his wisdom and devotion. First of All I would love to hear everyone's response at the bottom of