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Secrets to Success

  The Secret to Success  by Veronica Davis   Follow @megatrndz 2018-03-03 Success comes to us on a daily basis. Success is achieved in micro and macro level. The success I speak about on this segment is an overall achievement at the macro level. In the next three videos I speak about my secrets of success as I have analyzed in my life. I could only tell you what constructed me today. Nothing comes in easy. While there are times we accomplish goals easier there are times the goals take a little longer. However I do believe that God works the same way for all of us. There is a saying 'The difficult is done at once, the impossible takes a little longer". You will find my discussions about the Secret to My Success at the following videos below at The Megatrndz Show Season 2 Episode 15 Part 1 - 3 More Secrets to my Success Veronica Davis speaks about the Secret to her Success S2 Episode 15 part 1  Secrets to My Success Ep 15, part 1  video published o