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The World is Changing during Pandemic Coravirus

The World is Changing during Pandemic Coravirus Covid19 Covid33  Sunday March 15, 2020

United States
3,774 US infected March 15 10:33 PM
 Mayor Garcetti orders only takeout Los Angeles bars, restaurants closed Chicago O' Hare Airport Crazy Over crowding Governor said 'Unacceptable' to not take the precautions
Travellers not concerned about global pandemic no gloves masks @megatrndz — by veronica (@megatrndz) March 15, 2020
Canada 339  infected March 15 10:33 PM Canada jumps over 300 infected coronavirus+42, 24 saturday and 19 friday now 145 in ON
Prime Minister Trudeau will not close borders flights still coming from China to Vancouver tomorrow
March 16 2020  10:20CZ329China Southern
March 16 2020  09:00MU581China EasternShanghai
March  16 2020  11:00 CA991 Air China Beijing Main

1. Big day tomorrow! In the morning alone four massive jets from China will land in Vancouver — no screening, no temperature check, …

Will the Coronavirus come through a Pop Can Bought From a Store?

Will the Coronavirus come through a Pop Can Bought From a Store? Saturday March 14, 2020 5:00 PM
From Pop cans to the Mail to Handshakes how much is the risk? Is it worth it?

A couple of days ago, an amazon employee at its headquarters tested positive. Immediately the media reported on it.

So Why is part of the Brampton Ontario Coke Bottling Facility  being disinfected? On March 12 2020 the story broke out of how an employee testing positive from the Coronovirus, 'Coke Canada halting some production after worker tests positive for COVID-19'. The Coke Canada  plant is at 15 Westcreek Blvd., west of Tomken Road. The infected person was a clerical worker in Coke Canada and did not come close the bottling section. However this does not mean that someone who was near the infected , transmitted the virus to someone that was working in it.

So Is it safe not taking precautions during a Pandemic?

While yesterday PM Justin Trudeau said he was not going to be tested for the Covid-19 desp…

Human Crisis United States Fears and in National Emergency

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Human Crisis United States Fears and in National Emergency by Veronica Davis 2018-10-22 

Human Crisis in the United States border President Donald Trump Fears terrorists amondg crowd. At around 8:30 am the President of the United States Fears for the worst . Although he has not been clear why the military will be needed in the southern border he is given hints in his tweet an hour ago. He states “Unknown middle eastern men mixed with criminals”.

The tweet once again sounds like a racial profile or targeting a certain race. First the majority of the latinos are criminals now middle eastern men are terrorist. First of all Latin America is full of mixed races. It is unfair of the racial com…