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Rising Sea Level Trend Danger in Antarctica

Rising Sea Level Trend Danger in Antarctica by Veronica Davis 2018-03-24 #earthhour #totten #glacier Coastlines in Danger The c limate chaos trend and Rising Sea Level Trend continues as there is another large floating glacier in Antarctica. For over 110 years now, the Ocean waters has risen over 20 centimeters. So we know that when the limit for the coastlines has reached its maximum water begins to breach and surges have been quietly occurring like in Washington. Infront of Our Eyes The dangers are being kept quiet from the East or Pacific Coastlines. Or...What is really going on? How is it that someone like Joshua Wilkins publishes dangerous high tides on Jan 18, 2018 but where is the Government. At the right moment he is able to capture a storm Surge - HIGH TIDE - Ocean Park, Wa Beach Approach Today 1-18-2018. Just a quick Clip of Cars getting Caught by incoming Waves. Perhaps God is showing us what is really happening infront of our eyes. Storm Surge - High Ti