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The United States Historical Shutdown Ends After 36 days

The United States Historical Shutdown Ends After 36 days by Veronica Davis 2019-01-25 Today President of the United States, Donald Trump has just finished a White House press conference stating that the Shut Down has taken an End after 36 days of the historical shut down. "Operate in Good Faith" and " A truly Great and Secure Deal for Everyone" are the words of the United States President. The press conference is found below. "It is just common sense walls work" says Donald Trump, " They are not medieval walls, they are smart walls" are among some of his remarks about the Wall Proposal . "Not a United States problem but a World problem" says President Donald Trump. Those are among the few words by President Donald Trump Delivered Regarding the Shutdown. Meanwhile Roger Stone an adviser of the President who claims that papers disappear from the President's desk has been arrested in the Morning as a Fbi squad of 17 vehicl

Human Crisis Update Venezuela , Russia, United States, Canada

Human Crisis  Update Venezuela , Russia, United States, Canada 2019-01-25 Things are sure heating up in South America. It was last July that the Blood Moon was over Jerusalem. Now it was over North and South America so will in bring Judgement on all the Nations. While Putin warns Trump, Canada is there with Trump. Putin is siding with China. It is a siding of the Communists Ideologies. The question is , when will the crimes of humanity be paid by the communist creating the Chaos. The United States has elected a President for Venezuela and it should do the same for Nicaragua. This week the United States does not head to Davos. While there is a military alliance discussion between France and Germany. While the events unfold around the world, preparing and stocking up on food and necessities is always good in case something unexpected unfolds. Washington recognizes Venezuela opposition leader as president, Maduro orders embassy closing in US Update Events on Venezuela

Strange Unexplained Trends Nano World, Chemtrails Spiders Falling From the Sky

 Climate Change       Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend      Volcano Erupting Trend      Hurricane Trend     Fireball Trend         Meteor Trend      Asteroid Trend Strange Trends     Animal Deaths     Animal Disappearance    Animal Mutilation     Animal Rescue        Animal Cruelty   Unexplained Trends      Animal Invasion     Bridge Collapsing     Nano World Chemtrails Brazilian Spiders Falling From the Sky by Veronica Davis 2019-01-25 Just about a week ago there was another invasion of Brazilian Spiders appearing from nowhere. If you are in the United States there is claims that polluting the environment with harmful chemicals, is exactly what is causing the spider webs.  Yeap they are trying to building the web for us to enter the 5G World. Author David Icke and investigative journalist aplanetfortruth youtube channel have reported the strange chemical world we are living in today. With over 20,000 satellites ready to invade our skies in