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Whales Dying Large Earthquakes Signs Are you still wondering

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Climate Chaos Whales Dying Large Earthquakes Signs Are you still wonderingby Veronica Davis@megatrndz  2018-12-05 12:00 pm
They Know!
They Know!
But do you!

Whales Dying Large Earthquakes near area are you still wondering! The 10 km depth trend still a sign of more signs that it could be related to the 0 depth quakes coming from Alaska. Watch videos below where there is a strange anomaly found when the large earthquake that just recently happened in Anchorage Alaska. Relationship to H.A.R.P! All these too many coincidences are not just correlated but evidence.

M 7.5 - 168km ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia
2018-12-05 04:18:08 (UTC)21.969°S 169.446°E 10.0 km depth

Tsunami Warning People were ordered evacuated immediately, after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) warned that tsunami waves of 3…

Will the Today G1 Geomagnetic Storm create power outages

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Solar Trend: Will the Today G1 Geomagnetic Storm Create Power Outages
by Veronica Davis 2018-06-27 
Will Today G1 Geomagnetic Storm create power outages and glitches?

On June 20, 2018 a huge sun spot was observed on the Sun and reported rapidly growing. Soon after there were reports of catastrophic solar flares could be a potential harm to the Earth atmosphere.

On June 23, 2018 an asteroid was set to pass by the Earth.

The Next Five Asteroids on June 23, 2018

In 2018 the space weather website keeps track of  significant
solar flares .

Today, June 27, 2018 there will be a a minor G1 geomagnetic storm (Kp5) Threshold Reached: 02:39 UTC as described by the Space weather on twitter:
Minor G1 geomagnetic storm (Kp…