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Total Solar Eclipse Argentina

 Celestial Event Trend: 1207 BCE THE DAY THE SUN AND MOON STOOD STILL  by Veronica Davis 10:00 AM updated 10:40 am Total Sun eclipse is  one often missed if you are in other parts of the World. As I sit infront of my computer screen and look over to the left of my window, I see the Sun. But before the totality, I see nothing happening. During its totality my room lit bright an unusual brightness over the Central part of Canada. We were not in total darkness and nothing seemed at all like in Argentina where people gathered in crowds outdoors. Eclipses are not to be looked at directly as it will turn you partially blind. Every year there are over four eclipses partial and total sun or moon.  Eclipses bring judgements. So its best to pray during these Celestial moments. As I watch the Live event happening at 10:08 am central time, the people in Argentina cheered in the dark during  its totality.  It is also a good time to say thank you and pray to the Lord.