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Please share the message by clicking on share button. -----> The Megatrndz Show Episode 3: Heavenly Fireballs In the Episode 3 of The Megatrndz Show, hosted by Veronica Davis discusses worldwide heavenly fireballs falling from up above . Many witnesses mysteriously report loud booms. How to do the Rosary. Why the Rosary creates miracles. They say it is illegal to feed the Homeless if you do not have a license. Isis continues human trafficking. North Korea Missile Threat what is the United States and Canada saying.  Originally Aired Tuesday November 28, 2017. Read more at   Heavenly Fireballs Seen This Weekend Worldwide The Megatrndz Show Heavenly Fireballs Mysterious Booms The Rosary  Megatrndz Show Heavenly Fireballs ep 3 part 1 Megatrndz Show Heavenly Fireballs ep 3 part 2 Megatrndz Show Heavenly Mysterious Booms ep 3 part 3 Megatrndz Show The Beauty about the Rosary ep 3 part 4

Divine Message from God: Seeing in the Dark

Please share the message by clicking on share button. -----> The Megatrndz Show Episode 4 : Seeing in the Dark In the Episode 4 of The Megatrndz Show, hosted by Veronica Davis is a testimony from the Lord. Originally Aired Wednesday November 29, 2017. In this episode, we look at  how new age is a deception. We are perceiving things differently in our time. The message from God, was inspired after watching several testimonies of young adults being lost in this New Age Movement. I asked God how could I remember everything he was about to tell me. He said to write things down, in the dark and with his guidance. I turned the book to empty pages and began writing from the right side to the left side of the book. Which is most circumstances it would make more sense to right from left to right. I began writing not knowing if it was even on the the top of the notebook or not. It was difficult thing to do at first. But then i began to trust that the point was not just on know

Heavenly Fireballs Seen This Weekend Worldwide on Youtube on Twitter on facebook on Google Plus Mysterious Trends     Celestial Event Trend    Fireballs Trend   Mysterious Booms Over 40 Fireballs seen in Past 24 Hours Tuesday 2017-11-21 1:00 am    Megatrndz Show Celestial Event Trend Tuesday 2017-11-21 Strange Lights over Phoenix Arizona 2017-11-16  Fireball Trend Heavenly Fireballs Seen This Weekend Worldwide 2017 Monday 2017-11-27 #booms #fireballs #meteor #oklahoma #unitedkingdom #Denmark #Canada #Saskatchewan #Arizona #Ohio #Germany #Switzerland #Austria #France #wilcot Are we experiencing Angel Wars from the Heaven's above. A spiritual warfare unseen to the human eye. To receive recent trends around the world , subscribe to megatrndz on twitter simply click on megatrndz below #booms #angels #celestialtrends #angelwars #fireballs #meteor #oklahoma #unitedkingdom #Denmark #Canada #Saskatchewan

The Casting Couch Deception of the Fashion Industry Allegations of Kevin Sorbo and Late fashion Designer Gianni Versace

Exposing the Fashion Industry Trend The Casting Couch Deception of the Fashion Industry Allegations of Kevin Sorbo and Late Fashion Designer Gianni Versace 2017-11-25 #metoo #ResistanceUnited #SexualPredator #TheResistance #fashion #kevinsorbo #sexualassault #gianniversace #versace Decades later, popular Actor of Hercules Series Kevin Sorbo exposes Late Fashion Design Mogul Gianni Versace. On October 23, 2017 Kevin Sorbo told Adam Corolla about Gianni Versace's 1984 sexual Assault.  Does it make a difference. Should it make a difference. predicts the trend of the fashion industry exposure will soon come knocking at its door just like the Hollywood Empire #metoo . Although it started making headlines in the 1990's from supermodels like Karen Mulder the world only heard whispers and rumors. Appearances are not what they appear to be in the Fashion Industry. While some fashion models are made to appear as angels on the catwalk. Others have

What color is Heaven? Technicolor ?

Supernatural Trend      >> More Trends: Climate Change Trend >> Coral Bleaching Trend What color is Heaven? Technicolor ? Wednesday 2017-11-22 #peace #light #heaven  #lettherebelight #heavenisforreal #technicolor #KevinSorbo  A special place called Heaven. What color is Heaven? Technicolor ? Heaven is described as technicolor tunnel. Kevin and Sam Sorbo is an ideal family ready to blow everyone away with their new movie. A special movie made from a true life story, the Sorbo family acting their experience as a family of spiritual encounter with God and Heaven. Watch "Heaven Is Real - Kevin and Sam Sorbo Published on Jan 5, 2017 by Fox News the Sorbo family joins forces to film 'Let There Be Light' 13,933 views Sam Sorbo on Raising Godly Children at The Official 700 Club published on Aug 31, 2017 Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films Let There Be Light Trailer #1 | Movieclips Indie :... https:

It is Not the End Renewel is Around The Corner

Global Warming Trend      >> Climate Change Trend >> Coral Bleaching Trend It is Not the End Renewel is Around The Corner   Wednesday 2017-11-22 #globalwarming  #climatechange #CoralBleaching #greenpeace Humanity is connected to the loss  of nature and people are feeling the pain. Feelings of discouragement and depression takes a toll on professionals working with nature. Perhaps waking up with the current situation and creating awareness and helping the world healing by not purchasing items that hurt wildlife and nature. Perhaps it is not too late. It is never too late. With God's Grace there will be a revival in nature and wild and ocean life. On this date green peace let us know how important to warn others about the seriousness of climate change. On November 14, 2017 Toronto Newspaper reports :   A day after 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issued a warning to all of humanity about the dire consequences of climate change, many of us woke u

End of Age Trend: Movies Glorifying Sin and Loss of Family Values

End of Age Trend      >> Apocalypse Trend >> End of Days Trend Movies Glorifying Sin and Loss of Family Values  Wednesday 2017-11-22 Not sure why Russia's Top Christian Leader is warning just America embracing Homosexuality as a sign of the apocalypse what about to the rest of the world."Slipping into the abyss of the end of history" says Christian Orthodox Church Leader Patriach Kirill. One must be blind to not see of what John spoke in the revelation. Sin is being glorified in movies. Why is it a threat to family value. Rick Wiles puts further into perspective of: Why is Russia's top Christian leader warning his congregations that America's embrace of homosexuality is a sign that the apocalypse is coming soon, and why are America's Christian leaders so strangely silent? Rick Wiles is joined by Doc Burkhart and Zach Drew as they explore whether the political and religious attacks on Russia are a result of their progressive re

MKUltra Trend: An American MKUltra Op Dies

Search the latest mkultra trend Mk Ultra Celebrity Trend      >> Strange Behavior Trend >> Targated Individual Trend An American MKUltra  Op Dies  Wednesday 2017-11-22 Yesterday, an individual known world wide as a serial killer has  finally perished from the Earth. His name is not worth the mention but referred to as Charles M. MkUltra goes back decades ago as a mind control program. For those of you that have know idea what MkUltra is perhaps a little insight from American infowarrior Alex Jones, as he explains it: the 60s there was a law enforcement  craze. They called it that law enforcement was claiming there was all this Satanism no there was Satanism  there was a massive human sacrifice  going on and it was being done to enter  in the new age to have Lucifer exterminate 90% of the world's  population and then have humans merged with machines and become the new God men  I talked about that in my film ten years  ago in-game

Megatrndz Show Celestial Event Trend

MEGATRNDZ SHOW Episode 1: Celestial Event Trend Published 2017-11-21 Episode 2: An Enigmatic World Published 2017-11-21 God has a special message in heaven. And wants us to be more like a Child. Are we Living a mysterious world. Are we paying attention enough of what is around us. Should we be more aware or less aware of what is around us.  Veronica Discusses on Enigmatic World That We Live In. Are we living in a time where it is not clear to us. Find out how God, Jesus Christ  the Trinity Divine Spirit wants us to be. Can Help You Find your way. Watch Episode 2: An Enigmatic World Below..

Celestial Event Trend: Over 40 Fireballs seen in Past 24 Hours

Celestial Event Trend: Over 40 Fireballs seen in Past 24 Hours Tuesday 2017-11-21 11:00 am #Fireball # Meteorite #Asteroid Trend It has been a little more over a week since November 14- 21, 2017 over 8 days now since the evening skies was lit around the Globe. The Earth is no longer what it used to be. The reports of fireballs seen falling from the sky have been reported since probably first creation. Is it a Fireball, Meteorite or an Asteroid. Whatever,it is becoming a more frequent event hard to miss and a mostly talked event for the past two weeks. We may be exiting the meteor showers season but should humanity be concerned. Currently we are in the Leonids meteor showers : Occurs during November 6 – November 30[2] Date of peak November 17[2] The Sacred Bible warns us of their being Signs in the Sky Genesis 1:14 Over the past 24 hours there has been reports of at least 40. To find out more on the celestial event calendar we are experiencing today go to the Mete

Corey's Law

Civil Right & Equality Trend: Corey's Law November 20, 2017 3:00pm #civilright&equality #ISTANDWITHCOREY #CoreysTRUTHCampaign #PRESERVEINNOCENCE #notok HAPPY HOLIDAYS FOLX! I HAV A MAJOR CAMPAIGN UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING LATE TONIGHT! IN THE MEANTIME PLEASE SIGN THIS & SHARE IT W EVERY1 U KNOW! ITS TOTALLY FREE & CAN CHANGE THE FED LAW FORCING CA 2 REVIEW MY CASES! #COREYSLAW #PRESERVEINNOCENCE — Corey Feldman (@Corey_Feldman) November 20, 2017 It has been over 3 weeks since Superstar Corey Feldman has publicly made aware the world with his new  Corey Truth Campaign. Review his own youtube video below.  Since, then Corey Feldman is pushing hard with revealing more about his life, and pushing further the boundaries in the civil rights and equality movement. COREY FELDMAN'S TRUTH CAMPAIGN is the title of the video and since today with 1,007,142 views Corey Feldman it was published on Oct 25, 2017 For more detai

Sink Hole Trend

Mysterious Trend: Giant Sink Hole Trend November 20 2017 2:30 pmnupdated November 22  #sinkhole #crater Discovered on November 6, 2017 There was a giant sinkhole that appeared near the Coast on the South American Coast. At a Brazil farm 65 ft to 98 ft wide and 65 ft deep Mystery Booms - Giant Sinkhole could swallow large building! - Strange energy on seismographs! since published November 22, 2017 there has been 21,449 views . Where are all these mysterious giant sink holes coming from. A giant #crater opens up out of nowhere in #Brazil #sinkhole via @Strange_Sounds — Strange Sounds (@Strange_Sounds) November 20, 2017 More on Historical Sinkholes 10 Most Mysterious Sinkholes on Earth with 985,100 views, The Richest Channel shows the top most bizzarest Sinkholes around the World. Since its published on Oct 16, 2017 there has been 592,083 views Top 5 Largest Sinkholes Caught on Camera By Top Fiv

500 year old Ancient Bloody Chant in Canadian Soil

Nation Against Nation Trend: 500 year old Ancient Bloody Chant in Canadian Soil November 20, 2017  Read Also Bible Prophecy Trend: Anti Boycott Countries Israel   Arabic chants Celebration or Fear Incided Looking at the trends of the United States, Canada, and other countries around the World involved in Ancient Hatred Chants, Anti-Boycotting Israel, Boycott Israel, BDS,  Palestine Action Group Anytime you are yelling out blood, its hatred folks. Case Closed. Whatever group you are. An outrage and cries seen in chants should it be ignored. Should 500 year chants be considered ok even though they are 500 years old. Anytime the word "blood" is mentioned mixed with hatred for another nation seems outrages. On November 16, 2017 The Toronto Sun WARMINGTON: Arabic chants at rally spark police probe writes about the chants being shouted in the Streets of Missisagua, Ontario as : This came about as a result of a complaint from B’nai Brith Canada, which call

Bible Prophecy Trend: Anti- Boycott Countries Israel

Bible Prophecy Trend: Anti Boycott Countries Israel 2017-11-17 7:00 pm updated  2017-11-19 10 am It is the beginning of what does not make any sense to few. It is leaving many speechless and confused however the bigger historical picture need to be taken into consideration. Truly,  We are living  Biblical Times.  Surely it makes sense to boycott a country that is considered a terrorist country like North Korea. President Donald Trump a few months ago called out for countries to stop doing business with Terrorist countries. And now it is time to defend non terrorist countries like Israel.   The United States and Spain are making it loud and clear where they stand in defending Israel. Canada is a little shy when it comes to exposing their strong point of views leaving it to the courts to vaguely determine is it illegal to boycott Israel. Is it discriminatory and antisemitic. In the following information you will find out where all these countries are standing when it comes

Strange Phoenix Lights

Strange Lights over Phoenix Arizona November 16, 2017 Thousands witnessed strange unexplained lights all around the world. But the most trending online were the Phoenix strange Lights . The Weather Network reported on Nov 15, 2017 the strange lights calling them a meteor. WOW: Meteor streak caught on cam across Phoenix sky 142,740 views What were the Strange Lights over Phoenix Arizona 8:30 pm Local Time Tuesday Nov 14, 2017 Night. STRANGE LIGHTS DECEND OVER PHOENIX & TURN NIGHT 'BRIGHT WHITE'— Some Say Meteor, UFO, High-Tech SAP Pastor Dave's Channel The Coming Harpazo Fireball Races Across Phoenix Sky! Was It A Meteor? On October 18, 2017 Other Strange Unidentified Object Floats on the Arizona Skies On October 13, 2017 Strange lights in the sky over Phoenix AZ August 2017