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Divine Message from God: Seeing in the Dark

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The Megatrndz Show

Episode 4 : Seeing in the Dark

In the Episode 4 of The Megatrndz Show, hosted by Veronica Davis is a testimony from the Lord. Originally Aired Wednesday November 29, 2017.

In this episode, we look at  how new age is a deception. We are perceiving things differently in our time. The message from God, was inspired after watching several testimonies of young adults being lost in this New Age Movement. I asked God how could I remember everything he was about to tell me. He said to write things down, in the dark and with his guidance. I turned the book to empty pages and began writing from the right side to the left side of the book. Which is most circumstances it would make more sense to right from left to right.

I began writing not knowing if it was even on the the top of the notebook or not. It was difficult thing to do at first. But then i began to trust that the point was not just on knowing the way but on recognizing that it was the word of God that really mattered.

After the message was done, I had written six pages in total. After I red it, some words he told me did not match what I thought I was being told to write. I guess that is the Mystery of the Holy Spirit. That it why i say i was guided by the Holy Spirit. I am assuming that is how Apostle John and many others from the Bible were guided.

The Download Page 1 

The Lord: Lost In time, The Download, Inner Space,

Translation- You Will Know

The Download Page 2

The Lord: It is like writing things in total darkness, writing things down in the dark

The Lord: You will have to know where things are, just say it
The Lord: Vermont BC
The Lord: Spirituality is not what it seems
The Lord: I am getting Lost in Space
The Lord: Nature is not what it seems.  Dialogue

The Download Page 3

The Lord: Amazing the Maze in You, a miracle from Heaven.

The Lord: Dates are not what they seem. You have to say CERN.
         Me: Is there a star name Cern?
The Lord: Speculation, mention Nature, It is like seeing in the Dark. You have to be able to seen in                       the dark.
           Me: I ask you, is that why you mention the 3 days of darkness,
The Lord: Yes

The Download Page 4
The Lord: Remember Time is like sand
         Me:  Yes,
The Lord: a dialogue, when you speak , speak like a dialogue, you must or love to,
         Me: You as in I must talk in dialogues,
The Lord: We are programmed to speak in tongues, Cern

The Download Page 5 Me: Hebrew, I ask
The Lord: No Tongues, People get scared, but it is like seeing in the Dark
         Me: I ask like a Code
The Lord: No, Not like the Code, the word Code, New Age,
        Me: Then What?? Like Jesus, Are you Jesus
The Lord: Yes
         Me: Are you She,
The Lord: No

The Download Page 6

         Me: Ok Lord, O I love You
The Lord: I know. I am the Lord Almighty in Heaven as I will always be
        Me: In the Word of Jesus Christ Amen
The Lord: NO, Amen, is Old New Age
       Me: I know that all along, the Bible does not say that,
The Lord: Condemn, Condemnation
The Lord: That is it for Now.
The Download Page 7
The Lord: I have many to talke to in Spirit
The Lord: Many are waiting  their turn, you must be able to LOVE, DISCERNMENT,
I have to know when to open and to close the door

Interpretation of The Download

I believe Page 1 defines the categories, he has spoken .

Interpretation page 3

Amazing the maze in you, he is referring the path i took in my life.
When i was watching the testimonies of each individual that was lost. I saw their time of their lives as a maze. We are living a time that we have become lost because of the choices that we choose. Such as the New Age movement. Meditation is a deception. We have not meditating to be with God. We are meditation through our selfish ways and what we are perceiving life is. Ironically it is doing us harm. In return the result is depression and anxiety. We feel not relaxed after the mediation but at ease and not calm.  The individuals all described the book 'The Secret". This book is a dangerous book because it is fills our minds with this that we can not obtain. Being attached to the material. Obtaining material thing in time is like magic. So they say. So they change the perception of real time and space in history. Jeopardizing our present.

The download from God by megatrndz Episode 4 part 1 " Seeing in the Dark"

Megatrndz show episode 4 my testimony speaking with God Episode 4 part 2 " Seeing in the Dark"

Just updated, Cern is a total scam, to believe it is like changing your perception.

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