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California Historical Fires over 20 Dead 500 Missing October 13, 2017

MEGATRNDZ  > Climate Chaos Trend> Fires Trend  > State of Emergency Trend> Evacuation Orders Trend > California Historical Fires over 20 Dead 500 Missing   October 13, 2017 Top News: Evacuation Santa Rosa  October 13, 2017   THIS WEEK NEXT TRENDS Asteroid Trend: Asteroid 2012 TC4 Earthquake Trend: Redoubt Volcano and Ottawa Hurricane  Nate: United States Coastline Impact Ritual Sacrifice Trend:  Las Vegas Shooting Solar Magnetic Storms Trend: Earthquakes Correlation   Solar Magnetic Storms Trend: Health Alert Rivers Drying Up Trend: Madrid Fault Line California Historical Fires  over 20 Dead 500 Missing   October 13, 2017 !  2017-10-13 10:00pm Popular Hashtags #climatechange  #climatejustice #planetearth #inferno  #magma  #sonomafires #santarosafire More Trends: California Historical Fires Videos California Historical Fires October 13, 2017 Tweets  California Historical Fires  October 13, 2017 36 Deaths 170,000 acres bur

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