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Human Crisis In Danger Pacific Ocean

Celestial Trend    Asteroid Trend     Sink Hole Trend     Sonic Boom Trend    Fireball Trend       MysteriousTrend       Earth Cracks Trend          Animal Deaths Trend  Mysterious Trends     Celestial Event Trend    Fireballs Trend   Mysterious Booms Human Crisis Trend   Human Crisis In Danger Pacific Ocean  by Veronica Davis 2018-6-23 Will the Danger of the Pacific Ocean bring a massive Human crisis trend. Today an asteroid the size of a football field will be passing the Earth over 4 million miles away. Will it bring impact to Earth Natural occurrences. The impact that an asteroid has to the Earth's natural existence in the long run has not been proven like the gases brought about in a volcanic eruption. Perhaps it is because an Asteroid is more or less a foreign object  not Earthbound. Also read: The Next Five Asteroids in June 2018 Looks like the Ring of Fire is hiccuping and yawning as Volcanoes are waking up from a long night sleep.