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Laser Trends: California Residents Claim Lasers Caused Fires

Laser Fire Start Up Trends   Direct Energy Weapon Trend    Evacuation Order Trends   California Fire Trends  Laser Trends: California Residents Claim Lasers Caused Fires 2017 12 08 Silently Praying For The Victims #DirectEnergyWeapon #GeoEngineering #WeatherControl #CaliforniaFires #California #FalseFlag #WildFires #EMF #directenergyweaponlasers Fierce, and Threatening. Fires in the American State of  California Last Month now as we speak. Blue Beam Lights recorded on cell phones. No wind before hand, high winds all the sudden then back to Normal. Vortex Energy, claims residents. Today a Horse Downs became a target. Last Month California Wineries became a target. James Bunder takes us to the evidence of the California Fires "LASERS FROM THE SKY & THE CALIFORNIA FIRES". TruNews Streamed live on Dec 7, 2017 Christmas 2017: Prince of Peace or Gods of War 9,340 views Lockheed Martin ... #AdvancedTestHighEnergyAsset #ATHENA #LaserWeapon #

California Fires Who was Helping The Horses San Luis Rey Downs !

Evacuation Order Trends   California Fire Trends  California Fires Who was Helping These Horses 2017-12-08 10 pm #SanLuisReyDowns Who cared for the Horses. Imagine the Terror of this lovely beautiful creatures belonging to God.  These was definitely a Target. Warning if you love Horses you may not want to watch below video. If you are a horse lover like me, you will not like this message. Unfortunately this is one of the saddest stories. Who was helping the Horses why were they left to torch. It is an unbelievable thought but what is going on in California.  Thoroughbred, San Luis Rey Downs Golf and Country Club on Highways 76 suffered a massive destruction and devastation. Trainer at San Luis Rey training facility shared this with me.. sadly several horses have died here @CBS8 #LilacFire — Kelly Hessedal (@KellyNews8) December 8, 2017 In a today  article written by the Racing Post entitled Racehorses killed in San Diego as fas

The New Controversial Bible Museum

Therefore, you shall be perfect, just as your Father in  Heaven   is Perfect. Where is Jesus in the New Controversial Bible Museum in Washington DC? 2017-12-08  Without complexity in form you will learn the most simplest facts about History History of the word and phrase The Bible The  Bible is simply a phrase that can be used by anyone that wants to call it a "book". Right? or Wrong? Well according to the Founder of the Bible Museum opened last month it is just a word.  However, The Bible are different scriptures written by different Authors. Mankind has recreated the book to remove certain scriptures and texts and bring about their own religions sect or group of followers. It is important to call the Bible by the true name "The Sacred Bible" but its content is what has made and changed cultures and groups? The Bible Debate  But because mankind is so complex and are constantly in a battle of words and beliefs with one another the Bible Book has