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End the Wickedness Trend: Why we Need to Think like the King of Kings Lord of Lords

Social Trend  Social Collapse Trend Food Scarce Venezuela Strange Trend  Nano Technology, Nanobots Unpredictable Celestial Objects hitting the Earth Climate Change Why is Christianity often Mocked and under Attack and Kept in Silence Climate Chaos An Abnormal January had massive Animal Deaths Why We Need To Think Like the King of Kings Lord of Lords Jesus Christ 2018-02-18 by Veronica Davis #endpoverty #endwickedness #happiness #thinkbig #motivation I particularly want to start of today with the critical question, we need to ask ourselves and find an answer within us. The Kingdom of Heaven is Near , is also a phrase we need to meditate on today. Why we need to think more like the King of Kings Lord of Lords Jesus Christ. I feel today society is more than ever silencing the truth in what I call the hush format.  People who are employed with Jobs in fear of loosing their employment create a perfect insulated environm