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Human Crisis: Fall Food Shortage..Famine?

Human Crisis: Fall Food Shortage..Famine? Thursday May 19, 2022   human crisis   food shortages   1932?  Mass exodus has been occuring in the past 7 years. Spain has been a country widely outspoken about massive african migration into their country.  The border of poland and ukraine has receiced a massive migration in cold winter month of 2020 shortly before the russian  war invasion.  In a story from a few years ago called,   Migrant Invasion Extreme Shock in Spain 2050 New World Order December 21, 2018: In a Spanish radio talk show Aquí La Voz de Europa on December 19 as heard below, they discuss the impact of millions of Muslims invading again . How the Spanish Government is trying to convert the Northern Mediterranean into the virtual reflection of the southern tip with millions of Muslims. In the commentary , they say that if this happens then there is nothing to do,  war, bombing,  and other 800 years of throwing out, how it had occurred in the Conquista. In their discussion the