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Human Crisis: Fall Food Shortage..Famine?

Human Crisis: Fall Food Shortage..Famine?

Thursday May 19, 2022


human crisis   food shortages   1932? 

Mass exodus has been occuring in the past 7 years. Spain has been a country widely outspoken about massive african migration into their country.  The border of poland and ukraine has receiced a massive migration in cold winter month of 2020 shortly before the russian  war invasion. 

In a story from a few years ago called,  Migrant Invasion Extreme Shock in Spain 2050 New World Order December 21, 2018:

In a Spanish radio talk show Aquí La Voz de Europa on December 19 as heard below, they discuss the impact of millions of Muslims invading again . How the Spanish Government is trying to convert the Northern Mediterranean into the virtual reflection of the southern tip with millions of Muslims. In the commentary , they say that if this happens then there is nothing to do,  war, bombing,  and other 800 years of throwing out, how it had occurred in the Conquista. In their discussion they describe how :

España haya firmado el Pacto Global de Inmigración en el más absoluto de los secretos y sin informar a la población española sobre un asunto tan relevante. La prensa comprada del R78 no disimula cuáles son los objetivos de sus amos: borrar del mapa a la población autóctona española y sustituirla por inmigrantes africanos y musulmanes.

Now, 20 million african migrants could be on their way to europe, if war does not end in ukraine. Food shortages will be the target for this mass migration.  

Sweden has sanctions on Turkey. As Italy, France and  Germany want peace.

Ukraine war must end before 20 million african  migrants head to europe of food shortages. If the war in Ukraine does not end in May, African food shortages could trigger a massive immigration wave, Italian League party leader Matteo Salvini has warned.

 see Agenda 21 , Agenda 2030, Agenda 2050  UN Global Pact. In 2018, there was discussion of 56 million people will be migrants buy 2030 according to the EU.  EU will flood all nations with 59,000 million migrants worldwide by 2025

Without peace there will be famine in the autumn'.

'This is a clue,' says rick wiles. Stockpile food and get busy says trunews rick wiles.  

Shortly before the pandemic hit the united states and italy the canadian reporters were calling out for the public to be ready for draconian measurements. This was the same week Italy had major road closures in 2020. Now who thought that would ever happen in Canada. The reporters were right.  Canadian  provincial highways were closed to the public. So if reporters called it out before it happened why can't Presidents.

Could food shortages last for a month or even a year, how about a year?

Finland and sweden join applications to  join nato.  This comes after there is threat to finland and sweden from russia. Meanwhile, yakov kedmi ex israli diplomat on russian state tv says moscow could bomb uk back to the stone age. He says that russia could deploy hypersonic zircon missile against britain.

The u.s stockmarket dropped 1100 points by the end of the day  on wednesday may 18, 2022.


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