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Eclipse Trend: Israel June 5 2020

  Celestial Trend        Blood Moon Trend      Deception Trend     Pole Shift Trend      Laser Technology Trend     Direct Energy Weapon Trend     Emp Attack Trend        Chemtrail trend    Weather Warfare  Trend   Weather Manipulation Trend Lunar Eclipse Trend: Israel June 5 2020 Psalms 83:4   Jr 49: 34  Read more Friday Day 10 Worldwide Civil Unrest June 5 2020 Penumbra  Lunar Eclipse 13  in the   3rd Hebrew month see link Next Eclipse in 15 days June 21 2020   see link June-21 Annual Solar Next Eclipse in 30 days July 4-5 2020 see external link -What kind of  judgment will the June 5 2020 eclipse bring? The second lunar eclipse will be from 20:45 to 00.05. On the night of June 5, the Moon will pass from the penumbra (Earth's se