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World Queen 2024- Shennys Palacios

   World Queen 2024- Shennys Palacios If you do not know what it means to the country of Nicaragua, a country where its humble people have been depressed. On November 18, 2023, a sweet and humble Pupuza seller wins, Miss Universe 2023, Shennys Palacios. Being a world champion is something the world was not prepared. She comes from a small country repressed and one of top ten of immigrants passing  countries through to the North America. Nicaragua a hot country for people being repressed and depressed now a winner of World champion Nicaragua.  But it was not the country of Nicaragua that won but  a teenage dreamer. She has united a war  tourned  down country . Everyone was watching.  On saturday people headed to the streets united.  I am so proud of Shennys Palcios the new Miss Universe 2024. She comes from a country where  i was born and i was not part of after my second birthday. Proud of historical moments Shennys did it despite of her country's struggles of human rights. Congrat

Fashion Trend #3: Fringe Trims

 Fashion Trend   November 2023  Fashion Trend #3: Fringe Trims Call it Cowboy, Western, Native, Hippie or flapper style. It really does not matter because each designer has added their own twist to their clothing collection for  this Season. This trend is for the edgy and the sassy.  Fringe is everywhere this Season. Just go to google search for the word “fringe clothes” and you will know what I mean. Consider it a staple piece of clothing that will be in your wardrobe for years. Fringe trims on purses to pants this style is seen all over the world  on the runway this Fall and Winter. The Versace brand styled up leather purses on the runway for Versace Spring-Summer 2023 Women’s Fashion Show .  Whether the fringe style is used by designers on a kaftan , tunic or robe design. You will find the fringe trims on Cowboy hats and boot covers. Even the arm holes on the trims of sleeveless jean jackets. The fringe trend is found on home decoration such as table lamps to chic face masks.  .. To