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Senior Nursing Home Abuse Trend

Seniors Abuse Trend  The Language Barrier Not Provided is an Excuse in a Nursing Home November 3, 2017 Elders  will be exploited in a nursing facility regardless. And after a complaint, when the Director of the Home Care Facility says well you can put your mother or father in another nursing home it is a red flag  to worry. You see, the whole concept of Nursing homes is a new thing over the course of a century. A nursing home is the same as foster care , or group home. In most cases there is alot of emotional abuse to say the least. Nursing homes is not exactly going to the movies or a nice home cooked meal.  The concept of a nursing home was first introduced: Starting in the 17th century, the concept of poorhouses (also referred to as almshouses) were brought to America by English settlers. All orphans, mentally ill and the poor elderly were placed into these living commons. These poorhouses gave a place where they could be given shelter and daily meals. Poorhouses continue