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The BlackOut Trend: Are We Seeing in the Dark Now Dineyland

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The BlackOut Trend: Are We Seeing in the Dark Now Dineyland2017-12-27

Well as megatrndz finished with the Blackout trend, Seeing in the Dark Atlanta another one pops up only this time it was not at an airport. And this time it was not a blackout ,let us call it a glitch with the transformer. No matter what "they" try to call it , the truth unveils. It is a blackout, and it is a trend on megatrndz.

 And while "People stranded on Disneyland rides after power outage" by Jackie Salo on December 27, 2017 | 3:54pm | not was this story Updated did it release too much information to an audience that may be associated with a  kid friendly name like Disneyland. Anaheim amusement park’s Toontown at Califonia s Disneyland was not a fun place to be a few hours ago.
@disneyland hopefully …