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 Today Veronica Davis is busy working on publishing her third book, "What Would Yahweh Elohim Yeshua Jesus Christ say?'. The first book  is a memoire of her real life encounter with God Almighty Jesus Christ and her connection with her ancestor's past  and being related to as far back to one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Her book is emotionally heart felt mentioning her saddest moment of her life, loosing her Father and how she finds her blessings with God Almighty Jesus Christ.

Veronica Davis founded in 2001. The website first began as a fashion event project. As a fashion apparel designer, fashion show producer, and creative director in Winnipeg, Toronto, and South Beach, Florida, her creative works have been viewed all around the World.  With her first fashion event in 2003, called the megatrndz fashion show . Understanding the difficulties of others getting recognized as a fashion designer she embarked on an international project where she  helps others talents and promoting designers around the world that otherwise  would not have the financial freedom to achieve it on their own.
In Winnipeg, Canada she studied International Business. With her own ambition she became a self made professional fashion designer at the age of 20. Her keen multi talents and skills also as an Informational Analyst has put her as an International analyst for major Corporation like IBM. Her Christian Catholic Faith has kept alive . She hosts the megatrndz show on the megatrndz youtube channel.

Past Press releases 

Fashion arrives at the White House Designer to open boutique, café

First Latin Fest celebrates culture and dreams big - Winnipeg Free Press

megatrndz 2003
2003 2004 Autumn Winter runaway FASHION SHOW VERONICA DAVIS South beach Florida

Change your thoughts, change your mind, change everything

What is is a website with a free platform for trends all around the world including fashion trends. finds the trends that the new social media has created.
The world wide web is a social experiment that some believe has created a super computer and super mind. has found the human behavior can be studied by analyzing where the crowd goes online by using social media such as twitter, youtube, google and linkedin.

What creates a trend?
A trend can be created through analyzing data in mass quantity. For example social media has created campaigns where the masses go. Not referring to marketing campaigns. What attracts the masses in certain topics and subjects.

Emotional Feeling
The masses can pursue a certain emotion. Like feeling Happy.

Subject of Interest
Religion and groups can create a  point of interest in the masses.

Events of the Year can create masses to pursue the subject at hand. Such as once in a lifetime event like the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 became a trend. The date September 23 has become a trend. Events that are not happening on a daily, weekly or yearly basis will attract masses of people that are unique at times rather than the same crowd over and over again.

The Analysis
As this decadence is at its final year, the masses of people have been changing over time. Analyzing various trends is a detail process that at times allowing time to pass will bring forth the best results.

How Can I find a Specific Trend? has over hundreds of trends that can be found by:

Watch video below or simply 

Enter in Search area above each web page

Different ways to find a trend
Enter the name of the trend and different webpages will appear throughout
Enter a specific # in search area
Enter a specific date
Use other megatrndz social media such as youtube, twitter or facebook

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