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Censorship Trend: Social Giants and Fake News

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Censorship Trend:  Social Giants and Fake News Canada and U.S by Veronica Davis Tuesday July 2, 2019 

Who's right is it to change algorithms? Is there such a thing of neutral public forum? Well on this new story you will find many trends forming one grand sandwich. It involves politics, technology and what the Artificial Intelligence trend is capable of doing while you are asleep.

 So..who changes algorithms is this considered target marketing? Or  part of a deeper dark agenda? Is it  target individuals trend? Who is to blame?  These have long been the quest…


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The information war begins and if you turned on the television mid day yesterday you will know.
A lot is being said about Fake News it is the main stream media vs. Fake News. What is credible news and what is real? But who decides is true really is the word of God? God does decide for us?

What is Fake News History?

The Fake news trend started over the 2016 American Presidential race when Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton  was being accused of many diabolical and pro abortion parts campaigning behind the curtain. And if you are a Christian and Catholic religious person you all know what that means. creator Alex Jones was one of the first one to spread the word. Infowars researchers and investigators  went to the streets to expose just the real Hillary Clinton. What does she stand for and what she believes and who a…