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Extinction Trend: Will the Amazon Rainforest Disappear Soon

Climate Chaos   Fire trend   Climate Change   Chemtrails trend    Extinction Trend   Agenda 21 Deception Trend   Direct Energy Weapon Trend Extinction Trend:  Will the Amazon Rainforest Disappear Soon by Veronica Davis Rio de Janeiro's Day has been turned into Night as  the World's lungs are in critical danger. This sounds like a biblical prophecy. 20 percent of the world's oxygen is being extinct A manmade catastrophe a blame of climate change? (August 27 2019 10:00 central)  Forty thousand species affected and 10 percent of the world biodiversity could soon be part of historical books no longer part of a future exploration. Who is protection the Rainforests and forests around the World home of wildlife ?  Weather warfare Trend Weather Manipulation We all know what Forest fires brings Evacuations and then Emergency Declarations . It is like we are living a world of movement, displacement, homeless, and nationless people. In the last fe