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Earthquake Trend 10 km Northern East Pacific Rise 6.0 magnitude

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Earthquake Trend 10 km Northern East Pacific Rise 6.0 magnitude2019-01-18
Current time 7:15 pm 01:15:50 UTC

Nine hours, two unusual 10 km depth  earthquakes occurred in Northern East Pacific Rise region off coast off Guatemala in Pacific Ocean. 194 km as far from a submarine volcano.

Date & time: Fri, 18 Jan 16:40:43 UTC - 9 hours ago
Magnitude: 5.5
Depth: 10.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 8.32°N / 103.42°W
Nearest volcano: Unnamed 9.83°N/104.3°W (194 km)
Primary data source: GFZ

Fri, 18 Jan 16:40 UTCM 6.0 / 10 kmNORTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE[Map]EMSC
Fri, 18 Jan 16:40 UTCM 5.7 / 85.5 kmNorthern East Pacific Rise[Map]GeoAu
Fri, 18 Jan 16:40 UTCM 6.0 / 10 km- Northern East Pacific Rise[Map]USGS

Near a volcano unnamed yet it erupted in 2006 it produced lava flows that entrapped previously emplaced seismometers.  Fresh bla…

Animal Cruelty Trend Locals treat Elephants Cruelty in India

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Animal Cruelty Trend  Locals treat Elephants Cruelty in Indiaby Veronica Davis Friday  2019-10-18

India is receiving a lot of attention a few days ago when photos were surfacing the social media of Elephants treated cruelty by locals. It is obviously a behavior that needs to be corrected in India. It is definitely a learnt behavior. So just because an animal is wild , it does not mean it does not have an owner. In this case, God the creator of almighty , created the animal kingdom before he created the human kingdom. God, Yahweh …