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Human Crisis Trend: Are you simply just an Experiment

Human Crisis Trend   Deception Trend     Targeted Individual Trend     Christian Churches Targeted     Climate Chaos Trend     Vo lcano Eruption Trend Are you aware that you are a lab experiment 4/15/21 Megatrndz is now accepting donations online. Thank You reading for being supportive.   Are you aware that you are a lab experiment. Vaccines are an experiment and you are the experiment. It is not surprising to see a Committee for Immunization  in Canada recommend one product like Aztrazeneca one moment and then not for a certain observant group. But it is not just in Canada, reports in Germany and Norway.  Already reported in March 19, 2021,  Scientists Say They Found Cause of Rare Blood Clotting Linked to AstraZeneca Vaccine ..German, Norwegian researchers say rare autoimmune reaction is behind several cases of brain blood cl