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Canadian never-used Emergencies Act ? April 10 2020

Holy Week  Friday Passion of the Lord Readings Is 52:13 Heb 4:14 5:7 Jn 18:1 Fasting Please support this website and purchase recent ebook series, a collection of a series of  scriptures straight from the Sacred Bible.Read along and learn Jewish and Greek. Go Canadian never-used Emergencies Act ? April  10 2020 4/10/2020 While people around the world are praying,  will the PM of Canada  use power instead of prayers. Trudeau lays groundwork on Good Friday? Will it bring long term effect to Canadians? Will it be a smart move for Trudeau to invoke a never used Emergency Act? Canada continues to be on the top 13th list of most cases around the World. Canada continues to rise its cases. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on Emergencies ACT: 'Not necessary now' America's President Trump Prays Isaiah   4/10/2020 President Trump reads Isaiah 60:2 'For behold darkness will cover the Earth and deep dar

Human Crisis Trend: Silent Weapons, Health Alerts Radiation and Mind Control

Human Crisis     Prophecy      Peace Deal Talk     Blackout    Biological  weather warfare       Chemtrails    Q  Climate Change       Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend      Volcano Trend      Hurricane Trend       Fireball Trend         Meteor Trend      Asteroid Trend Strange Trends     Animal Deaths     Animal Disappearance    Animal Mutilation     Animal Rescue        Animal Cruelty   Unexplained Trends      Bridge Collapsing       Animal Invasion   Human Crisis Trend: Silent Weapons, Health Alerts Radiation and Mind Control 2018-09-13 Dr Edward Spencer a very important person to expose the errors of humanity. Since 1996, he has been studying and developing the theories of California weather droughts and chaos in vaccination. This is Deborah Tavares main contact in how important it is to her to expose this silences in our society. We are ran by psychopaths says Dr Edward. Also,  Jane Tande has just published on Aug 31, 2018 the late