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A Community Full of Hatred

4/13/2020 Yesterday I saw this disturbing video. I am wondering if people could help me with this problem that society is implying that it is ok to go after Christians. The Christian faith is based on love. So why are there videos supporting the gay agenda of mobsters going after one Christian. I flagged the youtube video because I feel that everyone has the right to practise their faith. Listen to the video where they state that the person with Christian faith was not just banned from the Parade but banned from the community. This does not make sense in a free society. So eventhough we are in a global pandemic allowing this video to surface online is still putting the Christian faith in fear or as if it is ok to mob a faithful believer of Christianity. Remember how Nero the Roman Emperor burnt them alive and held them as torches in the streets. Persecuting Christians is not new, it was already part of History. Christians need to speak up and have this video removed. Toront

The Empty Sites Trend

4/13/2020 There is alot of filming and evidence that there are alot of sites of testing and hospitals that have no one there. Is the media hyping something that simply is not there. If you live near a testing site or a hospital please observe what is going on. You may be the only one paying attention to what is really going on out there.  The Lord God Almighty taught us to speak the truth and serve as the watchers. Observe and Share. On one occasion an American Mayor  last week went to a site where it appeared to be a testing site and people wearing all white uniforms. They took everything with them and refused to speak to the Mayor. They refuse to speak to the Mayor and took off in a truck.