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Still Time To Catch up on Stranger Things
2017-08-23 3:40pm
Twin creators Matt and Ross Duffer have just confirmed there will be a third series.  So the talk out there is will there be a fourth. Just Relax People! The second season of  Stranger Things is set to premier on Netflix on October 27 so will it crash the Netflix website.  Matt and Ross Duffer image at wikia,com

So there still is time to catch up for those that have missed out on the new family entertainment. While there is a week or so for Summer to End and Kids head out to School, it sums up to about 10 viewing hours. Easily watched in one day. So far it is filled with ideas, theories and actual events that may be occurring in today s strange world found and discussed in other articles on megatrndz  such as The  Cern Trend, cern collider, hadron super collider  , time travel, superhumans, humanoids, alien agendas, chimeras, reptillians, transhumanism, etc, 
Not recommended for the very young kids because the Alien sceens are sc…

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Veronica Davis'


U Pick Farms Growing Trend

August 13, 2015
by Veronica Davis

If you are in North America, I am sure you have heard of a hot growing trend to do for Summer . You may think that farming may not be your thing to get out and do. However you pick your own selection of fruit is becoming a hot trend. What exactly is that. It is growing in tourism. Wether you are a tourist or a new comer to Canada or finding something to do this summer a hot get out of things to do on your list is u pick style farms. It is a fun and healthy thing to do. Its like getting your own fruits at the grocery store. Back in the 1960'S it was unheard off. But the the late 1990's the farmers began offering the experience and it exploted. People were loving the u pick your own cherry farms. Nowadays there are all types of fruits and veget…