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The Era of Dark Mockery Subliminal Message

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The Era of Dark Mockery Subliminal Messageby Veronica Davis 2018-07-5 

Lightning symbolLuke 10:18Luke 17:24Revelation 11:19  Why Jesus Christ came to Earth  Saint John 10:9 Saint John 14:6

The Era of Dark mockery is increasing as the crack of the dark ages is widening.  So what dark mockery am I talking about. Should Dark mockery in the form of allegory and satire be allowed in public art and advertising. Is dark mockery another form of bullying and hatred.

So not only are the cracks of  earth  widening but the human s heart as well. Ironically, the human heart is getting colder up in the North Pole while eating ice cream.

The mocking saga continues as now companies in Canada are entitled to mock other faith. Or are they. Should this even be a question of entertainment or Legality. Canada is sup…

Gospel of Matthew Chapter 6:30

Therefore, you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect,
The Gospel of Matthew 
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The Sacred Bible Reading

Take 10 minutes of your day and read the Sacred bible.

Chapter 4 :23:

And Jesus was going about in all of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing, every kind of disease and every kind of sickness among the people.

In the Gospel of Matthew  Chapter 5 Our Lord Jesus Christ did not have a Church foundation nor did he have a temple to preach God's words. But he did have a mountain that he stood on in front of a crowd of multitudes.

Sacred Bible Reading Gospel of Matthew Chapter 5 & 6 
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Gospel of Matthew 5:34

Do not Swear at all neither by heaven, for it is God throne

An Eye For An Eye
Jesus Christ spoke to the multitudes on top of a Mountain referred to Gospel of Matthew 5:38-42

Yet have heard that it hath been sai…