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A Whole New Evil Agenda

Human Crisis Trend:  A Whole New Evil Agenda 5/31/2020 a whole new evil agenda chaos destruction by megatrndz The Human Crisis trend has been occurring since the day Adam failed to tell eve about the serpent that was in the garden. Because he did not tell Eve, she went ahead and took the forbidden fruit. Out of the fruit came a child his name was Cain. Cain killed his brother and forever God Almighty would seven fold avenge anyone who would kill Cain. This mystery is one that only God Almighty knew about and perhaps this is clear why today. If we the people continue one battling against one another the battle will never end. God Almighty set a curse to anyone who would kill Cain not to protect the evil one's son but to end the war that God Almighty knew would not end. This is what we are seeing today. The continual never ending process of the evil seed planting the end of peace. You will see it, when the Antifa people say, there is no