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This Week Trends 2018 Week 4

Evacuation Order Trend     Full Moon Disaster Correlation Trend    CME Trend    Climate Chaos Trend     Fireball Trend    Volcano Eruption Trend   Asteroid Trend   Q Anon Trend  Biological Weapon Trend      False Missile Alert Trend   Sinkhole Trend Water Crisis Trend    Unusual Earthquake Trend        Tesla Technology Trend      Laser Technology Trend     Mass Genocide Plan Trend     Direct Energy Weapon Trend     Emp Attack Trend   Climate Change Trend      Tectonic Plates Moving Continent Trend    Continental Drift Trend     Island Disappearing Trend    Human Crisis Trend    The False Prophet Trend        Blackout Trend    Weather Warfare Trend  The A.I Trend   Chem trail Trend     Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend     Weather Manipulation Trend         Account Suspension Trend     Let us build a better society and build a better community world wide, leave a positive comment below and let us make sense to the what is happening around us. We are not alone!

Megatrndz Predicts the Purge and Wonder Woman Demolishing The Church

Megatrndz Predicts the Purge and Wonder Woman Demolishing The Church  Saturday 2017-11-11 On November 3, 2017 predicted The Purge. Also why is Wonder Woman demolishing the Church . Once again two Hollywood movies are being associated two most recent events. Watch new Video and find out the association between megatrndz and the historical truth meaning behind it . megatrndz predicts the puge november 3, 2017 On the November 4 th Civil War in America Trend published November 03, 2017 certain events were suppose to have happened instead watch above video why they did not happen. November 3, 2017 Megatrndz predicts TruNews streamed live on Nov 8, 2017 Saudi Coup: Did Pres. Trump Give King Salman NSA Recordings of His Princes? In the last massive shooting in the Sutherland, United States read more at Texas Church Shooting: Who Were the Victims of the Sutherland Springs Massacre? Are Hollywood Movies pre-programming the masses for events to occur jus

Nations Against Nation Trend: Trump's Art of a Deal

Nations Against Nation Trend: Trump's Art of a Deal On November 7, 2017 Rick Wiles and Pastor Paul Begley focused on what is happening with the United States and North Korea News. #TruNews with @realRickWiles - Pentagon Preps For North Korean Attack on US West Coast #northkorea #nuclear #WW3 #TruNews with @realRickWiles - Pentagon Preps For North Korean Attack on US West Coast #northkorea #nuclear #WW3 — TruNews™ (@TruNews) November 8, 2017 Breaking: “Trump Calls For North Korea To Make A Deal” 8,591 views Paul Begley Published on Nov 7, 2017 November 7, 2017 Paul Begley BREAKING: “Germany Plans For EU Collapse With War Game Scenario”views 6,589 views On a recent article today November 7, 2017 entitled Donald Trump and Melania arrive safely in Seoul amid threats from North Korea , it is being reported that : Speaking in Tokyo the US President had said: "We are working to counter the dangerous aggressions of the regim

Petition Trending

MEGATRNDZ > News >  Art > Art Exhibition   Petition Trending!    2017-09-26- 7:00 pm  #AnimalCruelty #loveALLanimals #BeKind #belove #iamchoosinglove A petition trending is the Animal Cruelty Free Exhibition at the Guggenheim . It really is worth signing. The concern with all these exhibitions so called art is not just the animals. But what are the people thinking. Is there some enjoyment in watching animals be raged. The petition has already received 678,406 supporters as of September 26, 2017. The Petition is started by Stephanie Lewis in the United States. Why would American Express ever support Animal Cruelty? It is no surprise this type of odd behaviour in China because in China they eat Dogs but American Express. What is the odd association with American Pit Bulls? The Exhibition at the Guggenheim begins in October 6, 2017 is set to run for three months.Where there will be american pill bull dogs "facing off against one another, running "at&quo

August 28-2016-Yellowstone volcano-trend-zone

August-28-2016 Yellowstone Volcano Update #Yellowstone  #earthquake Slowly getting close? Will there be time to bug out? Or is it simply just a frequent small shake. There has been several reports on August 27, 2016 .  4.8 strikes Wyoming which is South of Yellowstone Volcano. Find out more at Youtuber Daboo77 quotes " This quake very well may be related to fracking. It could also set off other quake in the area. It's not a good sign to see quakes of this magnitude hitting this close to a super volcano. It could trigger other faults or even allow magma to start moving underground. Is it a Foreshock? Only time will tell at this point. I will continue to update as more happens." On the same day Tom Lupshu reported the following "Today a 4.8 struck in Hoback Wyoming and many emails and cryptic tweets are circulating about all The Governments warning their citizens to prepare. Supposedly, Russia has moved a