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 megatrndz on   twitter ,  facebook ,  youtube  y google plus  Reservoirs Failure in Houston! 2019-08-29 updated 9:50 pm version en espanol Who to follow on twitter para for full immediate repor ts in the Houston Area websites: So while the below tweeted,, at 4:41 pm the reports from the WFAA media reported the opposite with atleast 774 views by  10:34 pm central time. Watch below video entitled Neighborhoods flooded by Addicks reservoir both from August 29, 2017 Addicks and Barker dams have NOT breached! — HCFCD (@hcfcd) August 29, 2017 2017 Actual List of 59 neighborhoods in threat of flooding Updated List of Neighborhoods that will be affected by the estimated 59 feet of flooding — Fort Bend Count