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Human Crisis: Rejoicing in Vain

  Human Crisis Trend   Strange Trend   Deception Trend     Target Individual Trend    Election Fraud  Trend    Emergency Measures Act     Constitutional Right     Draconian rule Human Crisis: Rejoicing in Vain Veronica Davis 2021-05-13 Now we know that the World is not making sense due to the Covid19 pandemic. But this is setting a precedent for many things that will no longer make sense. Is it a sign of abuse or just mockery from the wickedness. Its like the Devil saying, I got you all to bow down, kneel on one knee, now I got your Church.  At a time where maybe people around the World are alone, suffering, scared and confused due to a Pandemic people are rejoicing in vain.  In the below video you will see Priests dancing with Altar Boys and Girls. The audience is clapping. The mockery about all of this is that the ending of the Church Mas in Vain.  The music is not even Church music. The dancing is not even Church Dancing. So it is  a good time now to tur