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Inaccurate Test Results for Covid19?

February 2021 Trends The Great Re Opening Human Crisis   Depopulation Trend    Power Outage Trend     Food Shortage Crisis Trend    Great Reset Trend Climate Chaos    Dark Winter 2021 Trend    Weather Wars Trend    Geoengineering  Trend Deception Trend   Safety Trend    Targeted Individual Trend Celestial Trend    Meteor Trend     Fireball Trend Human Crisis: Who is Kary B Mullis? by Veronica Davis 2021-02-25 Deception Trend has just become a Human Crisis. It all starts with a Portuguese Court Case in November and a dead man not defending his invention. Weaponizing inventions. Who is Kary B Mullis?  You will be surprised what the inventor of the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)  test claimed before  the Pandemic of 2020- . Kary B Mullis is the inventor of the PCR test. According to the written statement by the Inventor of the PCR test,  he claimed it was never designed for testing infectious disease.   So are we living in a mad World or what? All of this can be found in an Oc