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Coup d'état Trend : A Country in Crisis, Dangers of a Coup d'état Trend

The BreakThrough Trend : Rise Up The Testimony Trend and The Wrong Set Up Trend
Ezekiel 38 Russian-Turkish-Iranian- Alliance

Coup d'état Trend : A Country in Crisis Honduras Coup d'état Trend 

2017-12-03 8:00 pm
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Is it the Supermoon causing the Chaos. Is it a coup d'etat? The central american Country Honduras is in a political crisis, a far too common trend this year. But a French phrase Coup d'état far too commonly phrase used this year. It sure is making headline all around the world. Just on Friday, the Honduras people were voting and today a political peaceful demonstration over whether the counts were valid has created a humanity crisis and disorder.

The online definition of a A coup d'état:

also known simply as a coup, a putsch, golpe de estado, or an overthrow, is the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus

8:00 pm Central Time

Just tweeted Two hours ago megatrndz gets tweet that an Honduran woman dies after getting hit during the chaos in Honduras Streets. No news yet if the Baby survived.

Journalist LEONER CRIOLLO G. reports in Spanish "It continues the repression in HONDURAS, left to the "good of God", the dissipation of Almagro (OAS) walks home of TRUMP, preparing the "CHRISTMAS", will be in January that he turn over to the Central American country. "
Pastor Paul Begley expresses his opinion on BREAKING “Honduras Turns To Hell Fire” Vote Protest Curfew Continues

The BreakThrough Trend : Rise Up


#thebreakthroughtrend #grace #devotion #love #yashua #jesuslovesme #mytestimony #

Are we operating under the same realm. Are we engaging in the same spiritual heavenly realm. Does this generation not understand it. Well according to many the Testimony Trend many are going through the Breakthrough Trend. 

Is predicting trends? First The Purge
, now The Breakthrough. On  October 19, 2017 called it The BreakThrough .

Now Sid Roth is taking everyone to It's Supernatural Breakthrough. On December 3, 2017 Two Guests Hakeem and Naim Collins Decree and Declare a Season of Break.

How to Destroy Breakthrough Blockages! | Hakeem & Naim Collins

The Ceasefire Trend

God's Grace of Yashua is always present. No matter what experience God's Love Wisdom Grace never abandons me. I breath, smell, see, and taste God's Grace and love each time I grow more with his wisdom and devotion.

First of All I would love to hear everyone's response at the bottom of the comment. I am going to be sharing my experience of what happened when I saw a suspicious homemade device on the floor behind my home.  I normally do not write in first person, trying to personalize it to website which is about trends. But I feel that sharing experiences in life is how Jesus Christ will help each and everyone of us change the world. Like "Ceasefire". Just like the song from King and Country "Ceasefire".hear below

My Testimony From Explosive to Null

It is Friday night and in an hour it is about  to get very dark in Canadian's skies. So at around 4 pm coming from the store I saw a strange mysterious device on the ground. It was homemade mysterious device on the ground. I did not feel comfortable or at ease or responsible to just do nothing about it. It is Friday, and normally barely no one takes the back lane from the neighborhood as there is the actual drive meters away. However today I saw strange vehicles never seen before up and down the lane. So I decided to stick around. Keep in mind folks its is just inches from my fence.

1. Confirming with 311

So I decided to call the City 311 just to confirm if they knew what the strange device was, it was a brown seethrough bottle cut in half  with a transparent bag hanging from it, with white powder in it and closed with green tape at the end. The top of the bottle had a closed lid on it. I asked to get the Sheriff phone number. I described the strange mysterious device I saw on the ground over the phone. The telephone rep said he would have to speak to the Manager.

2. Confirming with Sheriff DepartmentThen I called the Sheriff department and  spoke to the Sheriff's Secretary whom said he was not in his office. I asked her what she thought that strange mysterious device could be. She gave me the non emergency police department phone number.

3. Confirming with the Non Emergency Police LineThe asked the woman first to give me her badge number because through my prior experience. I was laughed at prior when i called and asked if marijuana was legal. The whole department thought was a hilarious questions. So she gave me her badge number. Then I continued talking to her and described if she could tell me what the strange device was, I described it to her it was a brown see through bottle cut in half  with a transparent bag hanging from it, with white powder in it and closed with green tape at the end. The top of the bottle had a closed lid on it.

4. Confirming  Strange Behavior of  5 Men Dressed in Firemen Uniforms

The Block Method TrendI definitely put myself in harms way by calling I said to myself. I was out numbered. I guess I was seen to them as "the woman" not about 

the strange device that was a brown seethrough bottle cut in half  with a transparent bag hanging from it, with white powder in it and closed with green tape at the end. The top of the bottle had a closed lid on it. 

I learned in two seconds that calling the city was a big mistake like all the other times. 
So I went from "the concerned citizen" that needed " secutity and safety to my environment " to now i feel i am being bullied and have a gang of evil demons infront of me.

It was at that moment, I felt I was fighting the battle of Good and Evil in the spiritual sense. A surreal experience of really not there. I am in another realm with God and they are simple man of society taking orders from somebody else. The experience was not a humble one. But a sureal one of reality. Encountering the moment as a spiritual one because I did not know how take the Devil by the Horns. By that i mean. The moment. This people infront of me are authority but are clueless to the real truth of life. Walking like zombies doing what they are told by some deceptive wold of lies. They do not know me. I am just a bystander. I lost individual to them. So I grabbed the Devil by the Horns and took command. I began taking God's Grace and began to understand why God and Yashua is in my heart. For the protection of the real world. Often I feel that Yashua can do it on his own. He will make the miracles happen on his own. But situations like this I feel oh Now I get it. Time and Time again, 

God has blessed me all my life because encounters like this are far too many now in my life. The Cease fire moment. Usually my rewards are more than less.

The five firemen surrounded me so close into my personal space when i began talking. They did not like me. It was like a spiritual warfare. You feel it in in the ceasefire moment of grace. 

The man called Darryl had the worst evil presence when he tried blocking my movement.
Watch the video and hear how I take ownership of his physical stature and began to speak and and he refuses to let me speak. In my own backyard the man named Darry had a complex superiority issue with my presence. I know it was God's Grace present. When God Yashua is present the evil does not like it. The Evil's presence blocks the very essence of my movement. The Evil was trying to paralyze me. Not Darryl but perhaps the Evil's presence. Evil was certainly there lurking the street.

So the more we have Yashua in our Heart and in Our Soul the more the attack will be present.

Physically I look harmless I am 5."2" stature and the man named Darryl Friesen is 6.0.  There is the physical world and the spiritual world. God sees the spiritual world. It is like seeing in the dark.

The Megatrndz Show Seeing in the Dark Episode 4

The reason I call the fireman a man, is because we are all equal. A uniform should not change their behaviour. It is funny I was going to write "his" or "her" behaviour" and did you guys know that in Canada, it is being made into a law that if you are going to be talking about a trade agreement you can not refer to an individual into a "he" or "she" etc gender neutral trend. Anyways that will be another report. On megatrndz perspective on that topic gender neutral. It is like sky and heaven in spanish there is only the word heaven. So the AI Trend must be confused so soon changing linguistic is important.

 That is what Pastor Dave was talking about last night. We are all God's Creation and whether or not you believe in God and Yashua he will judge you when you are dead. So this man with a uniform may have been taller than me in stature he may have had a status or uniform on him 

My Perception

In this case I did not ask the man to move I simply was moving my body. He aggressively raised his voice. Refused to listen to what I had to say.  Continued to demand for my name and blocked me from moving. There were like the woman to the left the man infront and the other man to the left. It was chaos. I felt I was infront of a Gang of Individuals and bullied. I thank you Lord Jesus Christ for always being with me.

And the Man whom in this situation was the " Captain 20 Station" in the white paper he "secretly" gave me his name  eventhough he had already said it.  The man that blocked me from moving was Fireman Darryl Friesen said "what if i am wearing somebody  else jacket". 
Only authority figures feel like The Blocking Method is ok people wearing fake uniforms that defines who they are. That is why I say God sees the soul and spirit. Saying the name Yashua is how he wants to be called.

Watch the video where you will see the Fireman strange authority behaviour.

The Bully Effect

 1 verses 5

Watch the video where it gets worse the fireman takes the illegal smoking pipe and puts it into the neighbours garbage can. REMEMBER the have not looked inside at all. They came with the superiority complex of wearing a uniform and admitting they were right without even looking into the device. They did not once looked closely like I had previously. 

the strange device that was a brown seethrough bottle cut in half  with a transparent bag hanging from it, with white powder in it and closed with green tape at the end. The top of the bottle had a closed lid on it was not once carefully examined.

5. Confirming with 2 Police Officers 
An hour later. A police vehicle was at the front of my house. The woman dressed in a police uniform said she wanted to come in my house. I told her the firemen were here. She quickly said they are closed right now. hmm police stations get closed now. I told her if she would like to see the video that i recorded everything she said no. I thought to myself. Weird huh! So i closed the door infront of them and called my mother over the phone. She had known about the strange device that was a brown seethrough bottle cut in half  with a transparent bag hanging from it, with white powder in it and closed with green tape at the end. The top of the bottle had a closed lid on it was not once carefully examined.
The woman asked me who I was talking into the phone. I asked her why she wanted to come in my house. The woman was confrontational and said I never asked you for that. The other police officer responded for her that because it is cold outside. Now i thought hmm strange don't they have all the training to over come every battle and the cold whether bothers them. HMM. Regardless, experiences is what God Yashua puts us on this Earth to share and spread. Share as much with your loved one our time on Earth is short.

Exposing The Wrong Setup TrendClearly exposing The Wrong Setup Trend. Is exposing the wrong setup trend in a crime scene crucial. Is it distorting the Truth. Not putting validity to a case study. If there is no scene, there is no case, there is no analysis. There is no real reason of existence. That is how the Evil wins. That is how is growing, exposing the Truth not letting the Evil win.

Because the first responders came in with strange information. The setup or scenario is all wrong. When we live in a world that is upside down. The results will be obscure. But do you guys remember the seen on episode

That is why first I began writing without a title. Because it is important to get the feeling from Our Lord First. Then as we feel his love and grace we can move from there. His mantel and grace will protect us from the Evil Eye.

The Testimony TrendIn my experience it was not about me the person who made the first step which is to Expose it. That is why I love the testimony trend happening. It is a phenomena where exposing the truth and putting light to your testimonies your life. This is how we rise up for Yashua. This is who we finish his work and purpose fulfilled why we are on this Earth.

The DeceptionThere is an Artificial Intelligence being built out there. It already exists out there.

Each time you call your City 311, or enter an Institution, the individuals perspective of you is being typed into on a computer system. What if the individual is racist and wants to say nasty things about you. What if the individuals wearing uniforms see you as a spiritual threat. They do not like your stature or faithful believes. All of that data is gathered for the next individual to analyze you. That is why they want your date of birth. When I hear somebody asking me for my date of birth stop the conversation.

Anyways, The data written about you, gets put into a computer file and follows you wherever you go, owned by institutions. That is the deception. What if it was your enemy or you evil spiritual deceiver writting things down about you that is why I call it the deception. Technology advance and computer Artificial intelligence is already a citizen. There are movies out there when robots are the police and authority seeing mankind as the slaves.


Only The Wise Will UnderstandIf you are an intellectual you will understand what I mean. The Bible tells us that there will be a time that only a few will understand.

The hypocrites, the deceiver will be toiled in confusion by this very information.

Every word, every emotion, every thought and feeling that is being input

Always ask God Our Lord Yashua for Wisdom first and the rest will follow. Just like King Solomon was put to test by God, to choose between Wisdom or Richness. King Solomon known as the wisest person in the Sacred Bible chose Wisdom. It is like Good or Evil.

The Real Criminal

The real criminal gets casted into the unknown into darkness. Not one first responder let me know as a concern citizen the Precaution they should take. Because the set up and scenario began with a deception the prepared and precaution did not exist.

Explosive Device
Assuming if the first responders treated theinformation with the Truth. Perhaps God is preparing each and everyone of us with something more and bigger. I know that each step we take in our lives is really for the next level if we work with Yashua. Those who speak the Truth will win and gain riches in their lives. Those who speak deception and have a tonge or a snake will loose their eyesight loose their hearing and loose their way.

The Truth If we speak up and bravely courageously speak of our testimonies there could be no error. God's mantel will prevent the enemy from getting near.

What if there was not another moment like this. God gives as one time to expose the Truth. As the enemy moves on to target another individual another family another city another country. We are causing a cease fire like the song for KING & COUNTRY - "Ceasefire" - Music Video

 I  began to spread the Truth to My neighbor Family and Now you. I hope you all continue to speak up with God's Grace and not be Afraid. God YASHUA goes before like the Song "Be Not Afraid".


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Legalizing Marijuana in Canada

In Canada, the Government is looking to legalize Marijuana by July 2018. The Government of Canada wants to sell marijuana along liquor store products.  It is not clear however if this goes for everyone or just for the sick individuals that need it medically.

Illegal Movement of Individuals

There is a huge movement of thousands of people in Canada whom have taken the laws into their own hands. Alot of Canadians are smoking illegally publicly. Kids are driving recklessly, and going to school under the influence.

 I have spoken to the Sherrif himself whom confirmed it is illegal right now in Canada.  Although many Legal Institutions are following the law of Marijuana is illegal. The Bandit is taking it into their own hands and setting up the scenario for everyone else. It is the deception

There is six months from that decision and already the individuals such as the Emergency  first responders are acting like it is legal. Most of the emergency first responders have superiority complex issues. Also, Teenagers are sitting on bus stop benches illegally smoking marijuana and walking through the streets illegally smoking it. These kids think it is legal. They will tell you it in your face. The people whom are suppose to be representing the law laugh in your face when you ask them the questions is Marijuana Legal in Canada. With no actual proof legally that it is they take the law into their own hands. That is also another reason the Emergency First responders firemen also have this superiority complexity when it comes to smoking pipes on the ground etc.  see Is it ok no. Should they have thrown an illegal smoking pipe with steroids in it into some other persons garbage can. The whole team of fire man already have created the laws into their own hands.