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The BreakThrough

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”. John 3:8

Strange Trend: Red Sun, Hurricane Ophelia, 

Route 91 California Fires, Toxic Deaths,
BC Ammonia Leak, 
Train Derailments  
October 19, 2017!
The Breakthrough 

2017-10-19 10:20 am Updated 1:31 pm

Hashtags #climatechaos #fernie #developing #stateofemergency 

Are we in The Beginning of Sorrows

A must read, and watch all videos posted below it is mind blowing to what leads to Hollows Eve day. Popular Vloggers around the Planet are picking up on the evil trends lurking the Planet. Their testimonies are real so do not think it is a joke. As each testimony uses the internet as a tool to spread the truth.

Because of all these trends occurring all at once in the most quickest manner. The light is disappearing in front of our eyes. If you are a recent reader to megatrndz please subscribe. The trends will be coming very fast worldwide. However the best thing to do as the light dims is to keep the Lord in your heart at all times. Read the Sacred Bible and be informed with those that teach the word of the Lord. Consider the month of October as "The Breakthrough ". There is a quicker exposure level as "They" Increase their evil radar. It is time to keep eyes Wide open as the Lord wants us to communicate and listen to those who pass on his message.

"They" are preparing the masses to get use to and accept the "evil" in the most subtle ways extreme weather patterns, states of emergencies more frequent, creating fear, panic etc. Read below Folks!

Red Sun, Missing People, Depopulation, California Fires, Route 91, Barges, Mobile Prisons Hurricane Ophelia, Hurricane Irma, Asteroids????, Animal Cruelty, read more trends at megatrndz archive

Bizarre Barges & Strange Towers Trend

Barges and Strange Towers are appearing all over the United States and probably are already worldwide but because Americans spread the words faster and are better communicates than others around the world. Just go to you tube there are many testimonies found under search words as FEMA barges, mobile PRISONS? Also Strange Tower trend has been a previously reported trend entitled "Mysterious Metal Towers Trend."

In the below video testimony Vlogger XtremeRealityCheck states:
2 mobile FEMA camps (barges) are in Port Arthur TEXAS to house citizens after Hurricane Harvey. 16 FEMA barges have been stationed around the coast lines of Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Disaster relief? Do you think these could ever be used as transport prisons at some point in the future?

FEMA barges, mobile PRISONS? - 16 in PUERTO RICO, 2 in TEXAS by XtremeRealityCheck Published on Oct 1, 2017 38,632 views

Strange Mysterious Fire Trend

California Fires, Route 91

Remember the Las Vegas Massacre , the Festival was called "The Harvest, Route 91" October 1, 2017. That horrific event was followed by the California Fires, starting near Route 91.

Fires in California Near Route (91), 91 st Missile Test

 Political Avenger, a popular Vlogger speaks about the California Fires and the association to Route 91. Also the Tree that burns only in the inside. What about the neighborhoods in California that only the homes are burnt to the ground and the trees are in tact. Could Some Secret Space Agenda be shooting lasers from Space. Look it up folks its all well documented online. However here are some preliminary examples with man made disasters not marked by  God but provoked and some being is out there a marking with the eyes of  Evil.

So far the latest comment on this video was by Mark Scheinfeld, Tuesday Oct 17 (3 days ago):
You were right...91 freeway in Riverside and Orange County where the fires were in Anahiem Hills and two weeks before that in Corona...not route 9...but 91 freeway, doubt doubt that brain of yours...u r brilliant and I am enjoying your bright and righteous light. You remember for all our safety who you are "in Christ."

 DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT CAUSED THIS? by Joanne Steen Published on Oct 17, 2017

 THE CALI FIRES: "It's Like They Have DECLARED WAR On Human Beings" by
SGTreport Published on Oct 18, 201726,378 views

Red Sun, Microwave Lasers

What is going on ! If this is all true are we looking at microwaved lasers shooting people from out of space. Look it up microwave lasers are being the blame for geo storms ( Earthquakes, California Fires, Hurricane Ophelia).

STRANGE SMELL !100S PEOPLE REPORTING IT! AS ORPHELIA MOVES IN! RED SUN?! STRANGES SKIES! by Joanne Steen Published on Oct 16, 2017 19,096 views

 Sun Turns Red As Hurricane Ophelia Passes by Megatrndz

BLAZING RED SUN- LOOKS LIKE NAVY RED BALL COMMERCIAL!! PLANET X BEHIND IT? Germany October 17, 2017 Earthly Patriot Published on Oct 17, 2017 8,857 views

The Electronic Magnetic Pulse Worldwide Threat Trend

The Jim Bakker Show has many times and previously reported through guests and white house correspondence that the United States has enemies hovering in Space with weapons that can should down the grid.. And also Rick Wiles from TrueNews has been reporting on the Threat the United States is faced with and followed by the World.

Listen to Evangelist Anita Fuentes as she discusses in detail exactly what the bible says about an EMP, when things go dark in the last days and what to do. In her video she states:

A congressional subcommittee on homeland security heard the bad news late last week from two experts who have been studying America’s vulnerability to an existential threat , a North Korean EMP. The threat of a North Korean nuclear attack on the U.S. is almost unimaginably worse than turning a city like Chicago or Denver into ashes, they testified if just one of the nuclear weapons North Korea is now known to possess could be directed toward the heartland of the U.S. and detonated in the upper atmosphere, it could fry the electrical grid with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), paralyze communications and transportation nationwide, instantly plunge the country back into a 19th century-style existence and cause 90 percent of Americans to starve to death in one year.

What you are not being Told about the North Korean EMP Threat - This is Serious 4,675 views by Evangelist Anita Fuentes

Mysterious Vanishing Trend

URGENT! People! Families Disappearing! Vanishing! In Michigan! Pastor Dave's Channel The Coming Harpazo published October 15, 2017 11, 107 views

Is that what is going on! Watch out for vans, be vigilant. Do not go shopping alone. Be accompanied. Look at people in their eyes. 

Explosives and Toxic Release Trend
October 15, 2017 Oil Rig explosion and a fire on Lake Pontchartrain In Kenner Louisiana

BREAKING! Oil Rig EXPLOSION And FIRE On Lake Pontchartrain In Kenner Louisiana - October 15, 2017 Published on Oct 15, 2017 by Charles Walton

 October 17, 2017 Fernie, British Columbia State of Emergency, evacuation orders were given due to toxic release killing 3. Watch and Listen what is going around ..Yesterday and the day Before..Explosions...and Toxic Release under State of Emergency Breaking: “Explosion At Olive Garden In Maryland 70 People Inside” by Pastor Paul Begley

In the light of all what is going on in this world, do not celebrate hallows eve.

Strange Ritual Day Trend

In the next video, listen to why this day should not be celebrated in your home .
John Ramirez - Warning About Halloween by Veruka psalm40verse2

Why and how is this related..learn more ...

The next testimony comes from Mr Cati mentions something to happen on October 31, Hallows Eve Mr Cati published on Oct 18, 2017 Recent Video entitled Las Vegas and the Halloween 10-31-17 Observation has 3,852 views. Mr Cati states:

This report will show the code associated with the recent oil rig platform explosion and fire that occurred on 10-15-17, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, on Lake Pontchartrain, where 1 man was declared missing and presumed dead and where 7 other men were injured and rescued. This new code shows that this event was a distraction from the recent Las Vegas Shooting event that occurred on 10-01-17 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This diversion from Las Vegas was designed to communicate the upcoming date of 10-31-17, the date of Halloween, and in doing so, it highlights the 10-31-17 date as a possibly ritual sacrifice date, intended to move the mega ritual along, to some new conclusion. .. Nevada became the 36th state on October 31, 1864, as the second of two states added to the Union during the Civil War (the first being West Virginia.

Beginning of Sorrows

Are we in the Beginning of Sorrows.

For the past few weeks the Jim Bakker show, has been reporting on the Beginning of Sorrows. Listen to video where his guest :

The Beginning of Sorrows - John Shorey on The Jim Bakker Show 12,089 views (4 weeks ago) September 20, 0217

Animal Cruelty

Strange Testimonies are all over the Internet

The internet has brought about more information and strange testimonies of people that have come forward of having handlers and strange rituals. Some have turned to the Lord and have been able to see the light. There are those that have made testimonies and then disappear. Some are found on previous trends posted on under super soldiers  and now what is surfacing on the top as Hollywood being exposed just follow Dave Weinstein.

Links and Videos will be posted in just a few minutes as update occurs.
Do not let them win, listening to a song entitled "oye" first words to the song says :

Oye, Abre tus ojos mirate arriba disfruta las cosas buenas que tiene la vida.

The song is interpreted to keep your eyes open, open your eyes and look up above, and enjoy all the great things that life has to offer. The song is joyful, and there is a 1982 version and 2015 version remake. Enjoy and Watch.


Chayanne - Madre Tierra (Oye) [Official Video]

The Breakthrough 2017 10 19 2 18 , The Thank You Video to all the Vloggers around the World

State of Emergency Trend: Fernie, BC Ammonia Leak leaves 3 Dead  October 18, 2017! 

2017-10-18 4:30 pm 

Hashtags #climatechaos #fernie #developing #stateofemergency #ammonia #bc

State of Emergency Trending  News:

Evacuation and State of Emergency Declared in Fernie Bc For Seven Days. more.

More News on Damaging Wind Storms Trend : BC Coastline

No State of Emergency has been declared off the BC Coast despite dangerous wind conditions and high tides in Pacific Coast Ocean Waters. For the past weeks, From Alaska to British Columbia there has been small quakes that could potentially cause volcanoes to explode bring Tsunami to the West Coast and yet no reports of danger to nearby citizens. These climate change conditions are no longer being reported for fear . However is British Columbia, preparing for the worst like in Califonia earthquakes. The

33 ft High Waves off Coast of BC Canada on Youtube on Twitter on facebook on Google Plus

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