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State of Emergency Fernie BC Canada

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State of Emergency Trend: Fernie, BC Ammonia Leak leaves 3 Dead  October 18, 2017! 

2017-10-18 4:30 pm 
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State of Emergency Trending  News:

Evacuation and State of Emergency Declared in Fernie Bc For Seven Days. The State of Emergency is declared after 3 people are dead after being exposed to ammonia leak still under investigation

According to the time colomnist :

Three people are dead after a possible ammonia leak at an arena in Fernie, B.C. Tuesday night that also forced an evacuation of homes, businesses and a retirement home in the immediate area. WorkSafeBC said based on preliminary information, three workers were exposed to a gas leak shortly before noon.

Perhaps there is more to the story , if the state of emergency is for seven days. In the evacuation order it is reported you must leave immediately with specific instruction of what route to take.

Just a week ago there was a report of a scenario exercise of a Terrorist attack? Train derailment? City first responders are preparing for whatever may come their way More than 600 people including first responders and simulated casualties will be involved,

Now yesterday there were two train derailments blamed from Wind gusts.   The same night there were reports of hazardous chemicals are the cause of 3 deaths and now a city's state of emergency and evacuation orders. In both emergency situations the RCMP are in the process of investigating are they  related see full story.

The City of Fernie has posted on their website:

Tweets on State of Emergency Declaration in Fernie , BC

More News on Damaging Wind Storms Trend : BC Coastline

No State of Emergency has been declared off the BC Coast despite dangerous wind conditions and high tides in Pacific Coast Ocean Waters. For the past weeks, From Alaska to British Columbia there has been small quakes that could potentially cause volcanoes to explode bring Tsunami to the West Coast and yet no reports of danger to nearby citizens. These climate change conditions are no longer being reported for fear . However is British Columbia, preparing for the worst like in Califonia earthquakes. The

33 ft High Waves off Coast of BC Canada

Earthquakes Around the World

Wednesday October 18 2017, 16:44:37 UTC 2 hours ago Eastern New Guinea region, PNG. 5.5 depth 200.0 depth Australia
Wednesday October 18 2017, 16:44:36 UTC 2 hours ago 131km N of Lae, Papua New Guinea 5.6

Wednesday October 18 2017, 12:00:59 UTC 7 hours ago 100km SSE of Pangai, Tonga 6.0 mag 10.0 depth
Wednesday October 18 2017, 12:00:55 UTC 7 hours ago Tonga Islands. 6.4 mag
Wednesday October 18 2017, 11:57:02 UTC 7 hours ago 12km ESE of Soda Springs, Idaho 2.6 mag 7.8 depth
Wednesday October 18 2017, 09:07:15 UTC 10 hours ago 186km E of Korsakov, Russia 4.7 mag 10.9 depth

Deep earthquake at 120- 200 depth

Wednesday October 18 2017, 16:44:37 UTC 2 hours ago Eastern New Guinea region, PNG. 5.5 depth 200.0 depth Australia
Wednesday October 18 2017, 08:23:36 UTC 10 hours ago 80km WSW of Cantwell, Alaska 1.5 120.5