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Targeted Individual Trend Private Security says No July 24 2019

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Individual Targeted Trend No Photos Taken Here say Private Security

(July 24,2019) In the next video you will see how private security firms are being hired to control journalists and freedom to take photography. But that is not all, how about to control the public land. The world is becoming smaller and smaller our civil rights as human beings to have our liberties taken away is already happening in front of us. When the Israelites lost their individual rights to the Egyptians was it forced. Did the Israelites loose their freedom freely? Did the Israelites because enslaved due to lack of knowledge? Although God Almighty Yahweh warns them that they will loose it due to not obeying him was it just simply easily taken away? Did Yahweh simply made it too easy for them to be deceived by the enemy? These are the many questions one has to ask oneself before we give our human freedom away to strangers and foreigners of our lands.

Have  you thought how many human rights are lost at a blink of an eye?

Targeted Individual Trend Private Security on Public space July 24 2019

Climate Change Unusual River Levels in Winnipeg Canada

(July 18,2019) Besides the partial blood lunar eclipse that happened on July 16 2019 and crabs invading Florida resident homes. What else is happening around the world? So in Canada, the water levels at the Assiniboine River is unusually low. Almost drought like. But Winnipeg is used to floods every year or so, so where is the water going now after decades of heading north?

The Assiniboine river drains in the Red River North. The Red River North water comes from North Dakota and Minnesota, water coming from the Mississippi River.  So in the past months, the United States farming belt has suffering billions due to floods. So where did the water head to , if it did not drain up in Canada. This is a mystery that may need speculation since the word in the media is climate change and sea levels rising in next few years.

Take for example, Winnipeg, Canada where it floods in the Spring if it floods in North Dakota every year.  I have always said it, it is too easy to change weather patterns. And perhaps the war on water is coming sooner than expected. Man has to be the culprit of weather trends whether good or bad.

While is flooding in Northern United States the river levels are no longer taking the same pattern as before. Winnipeg has been raining late this season , the rain season seems to be moving a month or two later than usual. But still Winnipeg receives the normal rain despite its lateness this year.

Will this unusual pattern, be the new normal? Is the weather wars beginning? It is already being seen in countries like India where the river wars has been occurring for the past few years. Who owns water? Will the rivers disappear due to a new political agenda? Agenda 21?br />

Unusual Earthquake Trend  July 4 California Earthquake Today


(July 5 2019)Another California occurred yesterday a 7.2 magnitude downgraded to 6.9 Magnitude. Like I have said this Unusual earthquake are rare and expected.

(July 4 2019 5:00 PM CT) A 6.4 magnitude unusual earthquake has occurred in California at around 10:33 am PT.

Dr. Lucy Jones a seismologist from California had said today to expect this to be normal. But being 100 Miles from the San Andreas, she says not to likely anything will be triggered. The nearest Volcano is the Coso Volcano.

Ironically, the Daily Express has reported five hours ago that there has been 73 tremors in  Super Yellowstone  Park. This is record Breaking. On July 1 2019 the Bisons were seen walking around the streets strangely.

Human Crisis Trend: 35, 000 African Migrants Heading to North American

Five in Ten 7/3/19: 35,000 African Migrants Heading for US

Censorship Trend:  Social Giants and Fake News Canada and U.S

by Veronica Davis Tuesday July 2, 2019 

 Who's right is it to change algorithms? Is there such a thing of neutral public forum? Well on this new story you will find many trends forming one grand sandwich. It involves politics, technology and what the Artificial Intelligence trend is capable of doing while you are asleep.

 So..who changes algorithms is this considered target marketing? Or  part of a deeper dark agenda? Is it  target individuals trend? Who is to blame?  These have long been the questions many victims of the account suspension trend have exposed. Do whistle blowers provide enough evidence for social giants to be investigated and laws to be changed in the technological world?

This discussion is now old news for those that are following and have their eyes opened.

In the United States and Canada  the elections are near.  And how changing algorithms during political voting time has been the game of many cunning players that fund social giants to do so.

So...What are the social giants hiding? Why are social giants becoming the new whistle blowers. Ted Cruz, the senator of  Texas had a lot to say a few days ago. Mr.Cruz hightlights infront of Google executives about how Elizabeth Warren speaks about breaking up Google due to political bias. Mr. Cruz probes Google executive, " Do you think it is Google's job to prevent the ."

In Canada twitter is banning all ads being displayed. Banning trend continue to be part of a deeper dark futuristic agenda not yet known today. The Artificial Intelligence is making countries around the world play the political game with new rules. Take for example, in Canada the new bill that takes to effect June 30 2019 is Bill C-76. This new bill has many political leaders not happy with decisions that have been placed warning the public about the new changes using it as part of their platform.

Sen. Cruz Grills Google on Allegations of Politically Biased Censorship by Senator Ted Cruz

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Climate Chaos & Climate Change  Disaster in Mexico, Australia and Japan

by Veronica Davis Tuesday July 2, 2019 

This weekend has been an extremely dangerous and unusual climate change and disaster for many countries around the world like in Mexico, Australia and Japan.

On June 30, massive Hail has damaged property in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is being reported over 150 cm of hail fell from the Celestial sky. This is not common and is being considered a bizarre event. Guadalajara is five thousand feet below sea level. So what is happening.  Is this the result of chemtrail, weather manipulation or secretive weather wars. Ever wonder why certain areas become a natural disaster zone and other do not. It is very strange how this year hardly any hurricanes has hit the United States like the year before. Australia has been hit with strange tornado over the weekend. This extreme weather changes is really all part of a deeper darker futuristic agenda.

After all, Farmers from the border of the United States Border with Mexico have been observing hails being artificially formed near factories there. "Weather warfare in plain sight by Deborah Tavares",  explains the strangeness of what is truly happening there,  watch video below.

Meanwhile, Japan's human crisis continues to be built up between the government and its people. The street protests have been continual for over a week. Millions of people were placed on evacuation emergency orders on Sunday over extreme flooding warnings.

Why Mexico was pelted with hail on the last day of june by nbc news

Blanket of Hail Causes Huge

Weather Warfare In Plain Sight- Deborah Tavares

live: Hong Kong protesters clash with police on anniversary of Chinese rule by nbc news
#QuestionMore #RTAmericaIs CIA behind Hong Kong protests?

Celestial  Trend: Chile and Argentina Rare Solar Eclipse just occurred not again til 375 years  

by Veronica Davis Tuesday July 2, 2019 
Today the most rarest solar eclipse has occurred  in Chile four hours ago. The stars were seen during the day. It is believed that stars never seen before were seen. A celestial event in the making so what is Yeshua Jesus Christ trying to tell us. So what lies deep outside our universe around 4:30 pm a total solar eclipsed was seen in South America for two hours. This is called Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

Remember how the God creates the Sun and the Moon for celestial signs . So what mysterious predicament will the Solar Eclipse bring to Chile. How will Chile be judged by  Yahweh Yeshua Jesus Christ?

Solar Eclipse live by RT News

Eclipse solar del 2 de julio de 2019 en vivo Apocalipsis

Why is President Donald Trump shaking Kim Jong Un Again June 30 2019

why is President Donald Trump shaking Kim Jong Un today by Megatrndz

Human Crisis Trend: Jews Shutting down the ICE Detention Center in New Jersey

by Veronica Davis Sunday June 30, 2019 

(2019-30-06) The Jews are protesting against the racism that they have been observing in the United States against the immigrants. The Jews are the witnesses of the racism that is happening against the immigrants of the United States as they marched today hundreds were arrested in front of a Detention Center in Elizabeth New Jersey. The Jews are witnessing concentration camps on the borders and all over.

"So do not be afraid of them. Everything now covered will be uncovered and everything now hidden will be made clear. What I say to you in the dark, tell in the daylight; what you hear in whispers, proclaim from the housetops' say Yeshua Jesus Christ to his people.

Interestingly, enough this is occurring while the American President is visiting notorious NK leader. This marks historical visit in the North Korean Soil.

 Never Again Action was live. 3 hrs ago · UPDATE: 36 #JewsAgainstICE were arrested blocking the Detention Center in Elizabeth NJ. We put our bodies on the line because that's what #NeverAgainMeans. Supp... See More Watch this video with your friends. Start
#JewsAgainstICE were arrested blocking the Detention Center in Elizabeth NJ. We put our bodies on the line because that's what #NeverAgainMeans.