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Censorship Trend Twiter and Face book Editor or Social Media Platforms

Censorship Trend

Twiter Bots, Face book Bots affecting U.S Elections? 

by Veronica Davis 2020-11-17

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Today November 17 2020 Live technocracy leaders answer many questions that will help in how the censorship actually exists.

Senator and Chairman Mr Graham asked, Do you have any evidence that suggests that your platform could be addictive.

Sometimes it may look like a bot but it is organized by a Human. Not clear what this meant but still what it means that Humans are controlling the outcome. This applies to the censorship the world has been complaining about.


Are Mr Dorsey and Mr Zuckerberg the new Robber barons.

They were the ones who set rates and prices to determine how they could . They were the head of companies in the late nineteenth century,  Controlling information flow to determine how to get rid of competition. Mr Hawley explained how the face book and twitter companies are the new Robber Barons. (see

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Controlling Information flow questions were asked by Mr Hawley claiming that a whistle blower from the face book company came forward with information of this happening . Content moderation practices have been used. This done through an internal platform called TASKS that face book uses including censorship. The taskforce allows employees to communicate about the taskforce they are using.

Mr Hawley: ..  including the censorship the task  platform allows face book employees to communicate about projects they are working on together that includes facebooks censorship team including the so called the COMMUNITY WELLBEING TEAM, THE INTERGRITY TEAM, THE HATE SPEECH ENGINEERING TEAM who all use the TASK PLATFORM to discuss which individuals or hashtags to ban.

List of individuals 

The day of the United States Elections President Trump was censored.

One commentator said about Senator Kennedy, Senator Kennedy your a gift from god your resolve and tactics are super smart fair and admirable bravo.

Senator Kennedy made the most questionable argument of all. Are these companies platforms or editing company. This question is important and can change the outcome of the how the laws are to be taken.

Senator Kennedy said:

People are not morons, I would like to treat people as they treat me, that is I can read what I want to read and exercise my own good judgement about whether I choose to believe it so hear the rule we are adopting if you go on twitter or face book you cant bully people you cant threaten people you cant commit a crime with your words and you cant insight violence but other then that you can print any dam thing you want to and will let our users judge  U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on big tech interference in 2020 election by Lifesitenews publish November 17 2020