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Hurricane Trend Hurricane Iota LANDS in Nicaragua Nov 16 2020

Hurricane Trend
Censorship Trend

Hurricane Trend: Hurricane IOTA makes Landfall Nov 16 in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua has been hit twice in the past couple of weeks with Hurricane Eta and now the next one Hurricane Iota  on Sunday Nov 15 2020 6 am Eye of Storm 23 km per hour North of the eye of the storm 94 km per hour Lat.: 13°2'N / Lon.: 78°12'W / Altitude: -1m see screenshot photo below

Hurricane IOTA Sunday Nov 15 2020 7 am

November 15 2020

Nov 15 2020 1 pm Eye of Storm 23 km per hour 
Lat.: 13°14'N / Lon.: 78°59'W / Altitude: -1m

The strongest part of the Hurricane is located at 128 km per hour 
Lat.: 14°1'N / Lon.: 78°26'W / Altitude: -1m

Eye of the Storm Analysis

the old  eye of the storm at 6 am (#1 photo above) has strengthened to 113 km per hour from 23 km per hour

Eye of the Storm Nov 15 2020
  • 6 am 23 km per hour
  • 1 pm 113 km per hour

IOTA Nov 15 2020 1 pm

Hurricane Iota Changes at Nov 15 th 1 pm

Eye of the Storm Changes

Nov 15 2020 location 
  • at 6 am 74 km per hour 
  • at 1 pm  110 km per hour
  • at 8 pm 92 km per hour

Nov 15 2020 location  at 8 pm eye of the storm is located at Lat.: 13°22'N / Lon.: 80°16'W / Altitude: 0m at 92 km per hour

The location North West of the eye of the storm  of Lat.: 13°22'N / Lon.: 80°16'W / Altitude: 0m gave an increase to 111 km per hour. This is an increase of 9 km per hour.

At the location of Lat.: 14°50'N / Lon.: 79°52'W / Altitude: -1m the highest wind gust was 100 km per hour.

IOTA Nov 15 2020 location  at 8 pm

Hurricane Iota  Eye of the Storm  on Nov 16 2020 4 am location is Lat.: 13°27'N / Lon.: 81°7'W / Altitude: 0m at 46 km per hour

Eye of the Storm Changes

Sunday Nov 15 2020 location 
at 6 am  61 km per hour 
at 1 pm 75  km per hour
at 8 pm  108 km per hour

Monday Nov 16 2020 

at 4 am 46 km per hour at location Lat.: 13°27'N / Lon.: 81°7'W / Altitude: 0m

The highest spot of wind gust occurred at  Lat.: 14°8'N / Lon.: 81°14'W / Altitude: -1m at    141  km per hour

At 4 am Nov 16 the highest winds recorded at Lat.: 14°2'N / Lon.: 81°30'W / Altitude: -1m
Nov 16 4 am pic 1

Nov 16 4 AM pic 2

Hurricane Iota as it approaches the Nicaraguan coastlines with winds gusts up to 67 km per hour on November 16 2020 at 4am. The affected areas on coastlines are Auastara, Awastara, Kurkira, Crucira 14 km away from Eye of the storm see screenshot below.

On Monday November 16 at 11 am the Eye of the Storm is located at Lat.: 13°30'N / Lon.: 82°8'W / Altitude: -1m 73-85 km.

Eye of the Storm Changes

Sunday Nov 15 2020 location 
at 6 am 53km per hour which dropped 8 km per hour from  61 km per hour 
at 1 pm 61 km which was at 75  km per hour previously, 7 hours prior
at 8 pm 87 km which was at 108 km per hour previously 7 hours prior

Monday Nov 16 2020 
at 4 am 110 km which was at 46 km per hour previously 7 hours prior
at 11 am  85 km 

Screenshot 1 Hurricane IOTA

On November 16 2020 at around 11 am the Hurricane IOTA approaches the Nicaragua North Eastern coastline with cities 22 km away from the Eye of the Storm which is located Bahia Suroeste, Davidson's, South West Bay and Casabaja.

Nov 16 2020 11 am   Screenshot 2

Above is the screenshot of Hurricane IOTA on November 16 2020 11am screenshot 2

Hurricane IOTA on November 16 2020 6 pm screenshot 2 Lat.: 13°38'N / Lon.: 83°0'W / Altitude: 0m the eye of the storm is traveling at 59 km per hour to 66 km per hour. On November 15 6 am the eye of the storm was traveling at 23 km per hour. Now, the eye of the storm has doubled up in windgust km per hour.

Hurricane IOTA Nov 16 2020 6 pm screenshot 1

Monday Nov 16 2020

Puerto Cabezas is 19 km from Wawa.

 The Eye of the Storm that is traveling at 57 km an hour location 
The following at the wind gusts in the locations on November 16 6pm

Wawa 143 km per hour location Lat.: 13°52'N / Lon.: 83°27'W / Altitude: 0m
Haulover  128 km per hour
Wouhnta 140 km Laguna de Wunta
Walpasika 140 km

Puerto Cabezas is 19 km from the Eye of the Storm
Prinza Polka is 7 km from Walpasika where the windgusts are at 140 km.

Prinza Polka is a location not too far where there use to be Gold  in the 1930.a Now it has been turned into a Lagoon. This is the second time this area is being hit within a month. Are the hurricanes hitting this location for a reason. Looking at the eye of the storm it is directly in the direction of Siuna where La Mina Luz use to be located.

Eye of the Hurricane IOTA Nicaragua coastline Nov 16 2020 6pm

To understand point description see screenshot above, click to enlarge.

1   128 km   Lat.: 14°0'N / Lon.: 83°'W / Altitude: -1m
2    137 km  Lat.: 13°38'N / Lon.: 82°42'W / Altitude: -1m
3   139 km  Lat.: 13°28'N / Lon.: 82°54'W / Altitude: 0m
4    136 km per hour Lat.: 13°48'N / Lon.: 83°18'W / Altitude: 0m  

click to enlarge image Gold Mine called La Luz Mina in 1936 and  Hurricane Iota Eye Height

November 17 2020

Darkness falls early today at 5 pm central time Managua Nicaragua, Farmers are claiming their herds are dying. In the low lying areas of City of Managua are inundated. In the community of Diamante a young man named Carlos Lanza died being dragged by rain. Using normal bridges should not be used today.    San Lorenzo, Boaco the river is over flowing The Barrio known as Hermanos Rodriguez a caller is urging for experience rescue teams #sosnicaragua no civil defense present and people are stranded ..Help is needed as two families are stranded in

Niquinohomo, Nicaragua near el restaurante La Bandeja barrio maria axiladora

Segovia region has inundated streets in  El Aguacate

Radio Corporation is live today Transmisión Especial sobre Tormenta Tropical #Iota - 17 Noviembre 2020

On November 17 2020 at 1 am Hurricane Iota making landfall as the Eye of the Storm is located at Lat.: 13°51'N / Lon.: 83°57'W / Altitude: 45m 

Twitt Bots, Face book Bots affecting U.S Elections? 

Ventusky never recorned 250 km per hour winds as reported by some media reports however here is what they claimed;

by Veronica Davis 2020-11-17

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Today November 17 2020 Live technocracy leaders answer many questions that will help in how the censorship actually exists.

Senator and Chairman Mr Graham asked, Do you have any evidence that suggests that your platform could be addictive.

Sometimes it may look like a bot but it is organized by a Human. Not clear what this meant but still what it means that Humans are controlling the outcome. This applies to the censorship the world has been complaining about.


Are Mr Dorsey and Mr Zuckerberg the new Robber barons.

They were the ones who set rates and prices to determine how they could . They were the head of companies in the late nineteenth century,  Controlling information flow to determine how to get rid of competition. Mr Hawley explained how the facebook and twitter companies are the new Robber Barons. (see

Go to megatrndz site at

Controlling Information flow questions were asked by Mr Hawley claiming that a whistle blower from the facebook company came forward with information of this happening . Content moderation practices have been used. This done through an internal platform called TASKS that facebook uses including censorship. The taskforce allows employees to communicate about the taskforce they are using.

Mr Hawley: ..  including the censorship the task  platform allows facebook employees to communicate about projects they are working on together that includes facebooks censorship team including the so called the COMMUNITY WELLBEING TEAM, THE INTERGRITY TEAM, THE HATE SPEECH ENGINEERING TEAM who all use the TASK PLATFORM to discuss which individuals or hashtags to ban.

List of individuals 

The day of the United States Elections President Trump was censored.

One commentator said about Senator Kennedy, Senator Kennedy your a gift from god your resolve and tactics are super smart fair and admirable bravo.

Senator Kennedy made the most questionable argument of all. Are these companies platforms or editing company. This question is important and can change the outcome of the how the laws are to be taken.

Senator Kennedy said:

People are not morons, I would like to treat people as they treat me, that is I can read what I want to read and exercise my own good judgement about whether I choose to believe it so hear the rule we are adopting if you go on twitter or face book you cant bully people you cant threaten people you cant commit a crime with your words and you cant insight violence but other then that you can print any dam thing you want to and will let our users judge  U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on big tech interference in 2020 election by Lifesitenews publish November 17 2020

#sosiota  #HuracanETA #AsiComoSuena #Niquinohomo 

Nov 17 2020 11 am houses were washed away by water

Malecón wiwili-Jinotega inundaciones por el huracán #Iota  see video on youtube River is overflowing