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Hurricane Trend Nov 17 2020 Hurricane IOTA Nicaragua Makes Destruction 2020-11-17

 Nov 17 2020 Hurricane IOTA  Cat 5 Nicaragua Makes Destruction

By Veronica Davis 2020-11-17

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The Lost Kingdoms

Now being born in Nicaragua I feel passionate about a beautiful country that has been taken by pirates,  wealthy foreign merchants and now dictatorships. This is where I was born. But regardless I still think there is ample of hope, or not? Question mark. A few years ago before the downfall of the dictatorship of the country I began my curiosity of this country i was born in but hardly made a connection with. But even though i was connected i truly was not it was like Abraham watched Sodom and Gomorrah fall to the ground as it burned there i was. Lost in word. A country so beautiful but lacking in trait. No one owned it. If fact in the years passed it was owned by some American who thought it could own its democracy. Then it was the many years of dictatorship. That is where i fall into this story. Dictators that fall because God Almighty has its reign. But it feels like a time when two Kingdoms have to fall. We just have have to watch from afar. Just like Abraham watched from afar. Many things never make sense because the masterpiece is not mine is not yours it is God Almighty's the dictators fall even though they hthinkl they have the last word they never do because it is God Almighty who has the last call, the last gathering you get what i mean, read the last article.

Kingdoms always fall they have to because only one has to stand that Kingdom is God Almighty.  God Almighty said when two or more people pray the Kingdom falls. Nope that is not what he said. What he said was when two people pray everything comes to its favor.  

Nicaragua has been one of the Nations that God does not divide. A loyal place where when the prayers are in communion like the Pentecost everything else must fall. Thus the Lost Kingdoms.

 Hurricane Iota may have been a purpose of the rich eventually it becomes a rescue for the poor. A cry perhaps of the most poorest of the country. Nicaragua a place where many has hand their hands in the cookie jar but the last word is from the Native Farmers.

Bluefields  located on Lat.: 12°0'N / Lon.: 83°45'W / Altitude: 0m received wind gusts at 45 km per hour yet the streets were inundated due to the rivers nearby.

by 11 am today Malecon de Wiwili many places like Chinande and family likes Rodrigues were inundated in a cemetary like situation. Little houses were taken by the floods. Supermarkets are inundated.

Nov 17 6 am Hurricane IOTA

Eye of the storm located at Nov 17 6 am at 54 km per hour Lat.: 13°46'N / Lon.: 84°33'W / Altitude: 293m
El Dorado 7 km

24 km away is Mina Luz

Nov 17 6 am Hurricane IOTA

Nov 17 2020 6 am

Nov  17 6 am 54   km per hour Lat.: 13°46'N / Lon.: 84°33'W / Altitude: 293m

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Bluefields affected because of the River overflown two hurricances Eta and IOTA have affected the Nicaragua poor population leaving people without electricity and homes. People here were never evacuated.

Community of Chicate

Carlos Carazo was 50 years old and his son  Francisco 18 years old had returned for something only to find death.

Six people died in Jinotega in a MudSlide in Wiwili 

Maria de Cruz Duarte died looking at the rise of the river, the current took her. in Kilandi

Municipal Diamante of Jinotega had four people dead 4 in the North two children died in the  la Conquista in Carazo department


Carlos Jose Lopez found dead in Jinotega


 Flooding in Honduras 11 hours earlier today Nov 17 The people of Nicaragua are still scared to speak up over the Sandinista Government. Agricultural coffee markets will be affected  because of the flooding in this cultivation area in Matagalpa and Jinotega. Matagalpa has 8 vulnerable regions.

While some  companies help the poor it does not help the most affected




Unstable roads on November 12 Jinotega