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All Because My Name

All Because My Name 

Veronica Davis 2021-09-12 

Humanity has always been through many historical Human Crisis and Jesus Christ lived to tell us about it. Many will have abundance but abundance will be in the short run at least on Earth. Jesus Christ said there are many Mansions in Heaven. Remember the story of the Wealthy Man had to sell all he had in order to enter Heaven. We are living through very difficult times. For those that are all alone in the world will find themselves depressed, confused or tormented by what is happening with the mandates and control over our own bodies. But you are never really alone because Jesus Christ did tell us what would happen. And because we are one with the Holy Spirit we are never really alone just lonely. 

"You will be hated 
by all 
because of My Name 
but it is the one who has endured 
to the end who will be saved
 Matthew 10:22 

 What did Jesus Christ mean? He meant a lot in just a short sentence. The word saved was primarily the most important. Being saved is an event Jesus Christ promises about our Souls. Many will go to the furnace to be burned while the Ones believing in Jesus Christ will be saved. The term "You will be hated" or in Ancient Greek μισούμενοι (misoumenoi) is used 41 times in the New Testament. We must not forget what exactly Jesus Christ gave us for our one Commandment to love one another. This will seem a term difficult to find during the end times because hatred will be spread around the World as much as love. 


John 14

 I had a very eerie encounter a few days ago. I found myself praying out loud. Calling Out for God to Hear Me. There were police officers none of them were Christians. I asked one that was looking down, do you believe in Jesus Christ as he answered no. The rest were laughing as if they were mocking my thoughts or my faith.

Their pride was just like the Prophet Isaiah prophesied. The men dressed in black was like seeing their demonic souls taking control of their own. This reflected from a dream I had where all I saw were dark shadows resembling demons or dark matter.



 This is why Jesus Christ told us to be the light in the World. A lamp does not sit under a table but lights up the whole room (Matthew 5:15). However, the while the World does turn dark, the light that comes from Us means we need to help those that are dark or blind.

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