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Human Crisis: Ash Wednesday Day of Fasting Ukrainians at War

Human Crisis: Ash Wednesday as Ukrainian Fighting in their Land is Day 8
Wednesday March 2 2022 10 pm

Thursday Mar 3 2022 6 am Day 8 Ukraine Russia War

Today is Ash Wednesday. Ashes from Palm Sunday last year are burnt. First day of Lent.  Fasting ending at sun set hours. A special meal is Eaten and repentence is made. People stay at home and quietly pray and tslk to God Almighty.

March 6 is worldwide prayer for war to end betwern Ukrain and Russia.

Russia continues to arrest anti war protesters. An 80 year old woman is arrested. A young girl is seen taken too, her crime giving a rose infront of ambassador of Ukraine. 

Ukraine's port city of Kherson falls to Russian forces as explosions heard in Kyiv.

Ukraine Prisoners are being led out to fight. People are seeing local crime rise.

Banned Artillery Human Rights Groups Take Notice

A Hospital Vulhedar on first day invasion was hit. A remnant of the weapon that was a 9M79-series Tochka ballistic missile with a 9N123 cluster munition warhead. On March 2 Cnet reported:

Russian military forces of using cluster bombs -- widely banned artillery that explodes in midair and delivers a deadly rain of smaller "bomblets" -- on at least two civilian areas in Ukraine, including a preschool.

Three people, including a child, were killed on Feb. 25 when a 220mm Uragan rocket dropped a cluster bomb on the Sonechko kindergarten in Okhtyrka in northeastern Ukraine, according to Amnesty International.

Another landed on a nursery and kindergarten in Okhtyrka, in northeastern Ukraine, on February 25 killing three civilians, including a child.

Human Shield
People standing infront of Russian armoured vehicles. Others lay on ground.

  In another place in Ukrain civilians stood on road next to nuclear plant. Target hitting University flat destroyed in Jarkov as a security government building .  Russian ground troops invade.

Kyiv a television satellite hit.

Mariupol left without electricity after bomb hit and hundreds hurt.

Ukrainian trains packed with people fleeing. Yesterday train stations were destroyed. Russian soldiers captured on camera robbing banks.  They are also found robbing food in grocery stores.

A young Russian soldier was given food by ukrain woman as she allowed him to use cellphone to talk to mom. He said they are not given food and that the war should not exist. Their families are being threatened too.

In sweden 4 russian fighter jet fly over baltic sea.

Syria, Nicaragua, Cuba, El Salvador and China are among 35 countries opposed to sancioning Russia and in favor of Ukraine invasion.