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Human Crisis Trend Food Shortage Crisis Meat Closure Trend Food Dumping Trend Food Line ups State of Emergency Jail Trend

Trends while Global Pandemic 2020

Human Crisis Trend  Food Shortage Crisis  Meat Closure Trend  Food Dumping Trend   Food Line ups   State of Emergency Jail Trend   

5/1/2020 Total Confirmed Covid-19 cases  6:32 AM 3,274,747

Not sure this picture is for the ducks to read or for the humans but regardless in Canada pictures mean more than words. Perhaps it has to do with multiculturalism in case you do not speak the word language of Canada.

Worldwide Trends El Salvador, Peru, US, Canada, Brazil, Sweden

Covid-19 State of Emergency Jail Trend 

 El Salvador and Peru

While some pictures can be humorous others send chills. Yeshua Jesus Christ called his generation perverse. Is society making slaves or are the pagans and the sinners enslaving themselves? Who fathered this people? Who made them that way? Did they make themselves that way? The lost society? The lack of  Jesus Christ. Was it a lack of leadership? Who are we to judge, treat those the way you want to be treated. The sacred ancient scriptures taught us long time ago.

The irony in the name of the country El Salvador which means in spanish, the Saviour. Was it a prediction for this generation lacking faith lacking Jesus Christ. But the only person we should most fear is the Most High Almighty Jesus Christ as he brings protection but punishes those that do not turn to him. Repenting comes too late for some but its best to repent early.

April 26., 2020  El Salvador declared State of Emergency or  El Salvador declared State of Emergency by VOA news published April 26
April 27, 2020

Recrudece violencia en El Salvador, 23 asesinatos en un día or  Violence worsens in El Salvador, 23 murders in one day by AP News 23 people killed on Friday April 24 , 2020

April 28 2020  El Salvador and Peru

This is a trend that is getting attention in the Latin American Media. Why? Because if you are living in El Salvador, the gangs on the streets were dominating the Covid-19 conditions. Armed with bats and Machetes the El Salvador gangster were armed and causing fear and panic to regular citizens. It was during this past months of March and April that the gangster were put behind bars. Right now over 17, 000 are in prison. From Friday April 24 to Monday April 27 more than 16 homicides in the street's of El Salvador. Crimes perpetuated by the gangs with 70,000 members. On April 26,2020 the jails are under strict state of emergency due to rival gangs mixed inside.

Revuelta fatal en Cárceles Peruanas by DW Espanol

Ola de asesinatos en El Salvador or Wave of murders in El Salvador by DW

Food Shortage Trend   Meat Closures Trend


Big Stores in the United States are open. Food is being dumped in the United States to waste. While there are food line ups of people. Grocery stores are limiting food in the United States and North America. Empty food shelves are being found all over. After almost a whole month of Toilet Paper being m.i.a. Toilet Paper arrives with a new image, with bigger pride an price tag. It is looking like toilet paper belongs more in the perfume isle with the rest of the expensive items.

Why do you think Big stores in the United States are open and yet the small stores mom and pop are closed? Watch video

Why do you think digital Currency is being spoken about as soon as the Covid-19 Pandemic began? Why is Bill Gates doing the  Digital Vaccines? Why is Bill Gates getting into Digital Currency ?Because it is easy to control easy to track. Bill Gates has created fake milk, and fake bananas, asi bill gates quiere controlar de asi somos, all ready to be consumed by humans soon. Johnson and Johnson aborted baby parts as part of component of vaccines. Would it surprise you if this was written in manuals in the 1990's. United Nations Global Agenda 2020, 2030, 2050 and events 201 in 2019, CAPS (coronavirus associated pulmonary syndrome)

IA 2020: WHO's Vaccine Agenda - by David Knight April 16,2020

What to do about vaccines made from aborted fetal cells by Mother Miriam Live Apr 28, 2020

Do not get hooked up to breathing machines said a nurse practitioner in New York. In New York, a director committed suicide over the weekend just what type of stress was she experiencing?

A NY covid-19 Director, Dr Lorna Breen died after catching the disease and recuperating? She was working at the presbyterian New York Hospital at 5141 broadway The Allen Hospital? Reports surface claiming she was stressed seeing so many deaths? Three weeks ago one New York nurse claimed you can smell death, ''You Can Smell Death': Doctor Describes the COVID-19 Hospital Fight | NBC New York' .

On April 27 2020 the suicide death of a covid-19 doctor began to surface and trend. She died Sunday a day, April 26 a day before the trend began. But was it a suicide? Did she get vaccinated? Was there something in the vaccine? She had just recuperated from the Covid-19 everyone said? What truly happened? Her father a retired surgeon? spoke to CNN

NY doctor commits suicide
On April 30 reports of abadoned bodies began to trend. In Brooklyn New York bodies are being stacked according to RT News footage.

Dozens of decomposing bodies found stacked up & left in truck, New York
2,502 views on May 1, 2020

100 bodies were found outside of a funeral homes? Is it worth to have no one praying over the dead bodies when they are being left unattended. What would Jesus Christ say?

100 bodies found in unrefrigerated trucks outside NYC funeral home by Eyewitness News ABC7NY on April 30 2020

April 28 2020 Breaking: Hospital Killing Coronavirus patients by Davis Zublick channel viewed 26, 586

Headlines April 6, 2020 by Church Militant

2020-2030 all the Truth about Cyber Satan and Greta Thunberg The Antichrist by LeoLyonZagamiChannel

#gateshacked April 23, 2020
'El secreto de Bill Gates' The Secret of Bill Gates,  this video watched 108,684 views published Apr 23, 2020 by zdi
Bill Gates organizó simulación sobre pandemia ¡dos meses antes del 1er caso en China! 150,734 views published Apr 23, 2020 also watch CIA hackea Fundación de Gates y revelan preocupante evidencia sobre COVID, Cia hacked Gates Foundation and reveal evidence agaisnt Covid

RUBÉN LUENGAS: CORONAVIRUS crearía un NUEVO ORDEN MUNDIAL, or UBÉN LUENGAS: CORONAVIRUS crearía un NUEVO ORDEN MUNDIAL 106,041 views by La Octava published on April 6 2020

Dilo al Mundo - La PANDEMIA ¿Desembocará en el Nuevo Orden Mundial? or  this video has 868,530 views and published on April 4


There are many reasons to come to Canada and here is one of them, pictures can tell us what to do. Also politicians tell us wonderful tweets and where to look. Here in Canada words can go a million way but pictures go further.

Canada is not opening yet Public schools. But children will be going to school in the next weeks. Day cares will open. Yet a Mysterious children's rash and swollen feet are appearing on their bodies? Listen to cbc news video below at 6 min. British children as coming with a rare syndrome a combination of toxic shock syndrome and kawasaki disease, 'they think that could be linked to coravirus' said cbc reporter. Does it not sound like the same symptoms of 5g? Let's begin by limiting the use of internet at home and less use of cell phones.

Dr Oz began to speak about strange new sores. The new symptoms began over three weeks ago the foot sore appearing on children. Is This the Latest COVID-19 Symptom? by Inside Edition  1,582,048 views on Apr 15, 2020

Why are high schools being closed to teenagers across Canada until Fall 2020?

In Quebec children will be going back in May 11, 2020 . Children not Teenagers. Keep in mind on May 1, 2020 Quebec came number 14th on the list of number of deaths so far 1,859 deaths Quebec Canada.

Will children be safe when they return to school? | COVID-19 Ask an Expert 29,203 views as of May 1. This CBC News video was published on Apr 28, 2020


Brasil entre pandemia y crisis politica   by DW news


People thought that Sweden was setting a great example not this.

6:32 am 5/1/2020 Covid-19 Cases

Confirmed Cases by Country/Region/Sovereignty

1,070,032 US
213,435 Spain
205,463 Italy
172,481 United Kingdom
167,301 France
163,009 Germany
120,204 Turkey
114,431 Russia
95,646 Iran
87,187 Brazil
83,958 China
54,457 Canada
49,032 Belgium
39,512 Netherlands
36,976 Peru
35,043 India
29,705 Switzerland
25,045 Portugal
24,934 Ecuador
22,753 Saudi Arabia
21,092 Sweden
20,612 Ireland
19,224 Mexico
17,439 Pakistan
17,101 Singapore
16,023 Chile
16,004 Israel
15,561 Austria
14,917 Belarus
14,096 Qatar
14,088 Japan
13,105 Poland
13,038 United Arab Emirates
12,567 Romania
10,861 Ukraine
10,774 Korea, South
10,551 Indonesia
9,509 Denmark
9,009 Serbia
8,772 Philippines
8,238 Bangladesh
7,759 Norway
7,689 Czechia
6,972 Dominican Republic
6,765 Australia
6,532 Panama
6,507 Colombia
6,071 Malaysia
5,647 South Africa
5,537 Egypt
5,051 Finland
4,529 Morocco
4,428 Argentina
4,024 Kuwait
4,006 Algeria
3,897 Moldova
3,784 Luxembourg
3,551 Kazakhstan
3,040 Bahrain
2,960 Thailand
2,863 Hungary
2,591 Greece
2,447 Oman
2,335 Afghanistan
2,148 Armenia
2,085 Iraq
2,076 Croatia
2,075 Uzbekistan
2,074 Ghana
1,932 Nigeria
1,832 Cameroon
1,804 Azerbaijan
1,797 Iceland
1,757 Bosnia and Herzegovina
1,694 Estonia
1,541 Bulgaria
1,501 Cuba
1,495 Guinea
1,479 New Zealand
1,465 North Macedonia
1,429 Slovenia
1,403 Slovakia
1,399 Lithuania
1,275 Cote d'Ivoire
1,167 Bolivia
1,089 Djibouti
1,024 Senegal
994 Tunisia
870 Latvia
850 Cyprus
804 Honduras
799 Kosovo
773 Albania
756 Kyrgyzstan
745 Andorra
729 Lebanon
719 Costa Rica
719 Niger
712 Diamond Princess
668 Sri Lanka
645 Burkina Faso
643 Uruguay
601 Somalia
599 Guatemala
572 Congo (Kinshasa)
569 San Marino
566 Georgia
490 Mali
480 Tanzania
468 Maldives
465 Malta
453 Jordan
442 Sudan
429 Taiwan*
424 El Salvador
422 Jamaica
396 Kenya
344 West Bank and Gaza
333 Venezuela
332 Mauritius
322 Montenegro
315 Equatorial Guinea
276 Gabon
270 Vietnam
266 Paraguay
243 Rwanda
220 Congo (Brazzaville)
205 Guinea-Bissau
151 Burma
141 Liberia
138 Brunei
133 Ethiopia
128 Madagascar
124 Sierra Leone
122 Cambodia
121 Cabo Verde
116 Togo
116 Trinidad and Tobago
106 Zambia
100 Eswatini
95 Monaco
83 Uganda
82 Guyana
82 Liechtenstein
81 Bahamas
81 Barbados
81 Haiti
76 Mozambique
73 Chad
64 Benin
64 Central African Republic
61 Libya
59 Nepal
43 Syria
40 Zimbabwe
39 Eritrea
38 Mongolia
37 Malawi
35 South Sudan
27 Angola
24 Antigua and Barbuda
24 Timor-Leste
23 Botswana
20 Grenada
19 Laos
18 Belize
18 Fiji
17 Saint Lucia
16 Dominica
16 Namibia
16 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
16 Sao Tome and Principe
15 Saint Kitts and Nevis
15 Tajikistan
14 Nicaragua
12 Gambia
11 Burundi
11 Holy See
11 Seychelles
10 Suriname
9 MS Zaandam
8 Mauritania
8 Papua New Guinea
7 Bhutan
6 Western Sahara
6 Yemen
1 Comoros

5/1/2020 Total Covid-19 Deaths   233,792

27,967 deaths  Italy
26,771 deaths United Kingdom
24,543 deaths  Spain
24,376 deaths  France
18,069 deaths New York City New York US
7,703 deaths  Belgium
6,623 deaths  Germany
6,091 deaths  Iran
6,006 deaths  Brazil
4,795 deaths  Netherlands
4,512 deaths Hubei China
3,174 deaths  Turkey
2,586 deaths  Sweden
1,859 deaths Quebec Canada
1,859 deaths Mexico
1,782 deaths Wayne Michigan US
1,737 deaths Switzerland
1,700 deaths Nassau New York US
1,607 deaths Cook Illinois US

1,232 deaths  Ireland
1,205 deaths Ontario Canada
1,186 deaths Essex New Jersey US
1,177 deaths Suffolk New York US
1,169 deaths  Russia
1,154 deaths  India
1,136 deaths Bergen New Jersey US
1,119 deaths Los Angeles California US
1,051 deaths  Peru
1,031 deaths Westchester New York US
989 deaths  Portugal
900 deaths  Ecuador
845 deaths Middlesex Massachusetts US
810 deaths Fairfield Connecticut US
800 deaths  Indonesia
798 deaths Hudson New Jersey US
726 deaths  Romania
698 deaths Hartford Connecticut US
696 deaths Oakland Michigan US
690 deaths Union New Jersey US
651 deaths  Poland
603 deaths Macomb Michigan US

589 deaths


579 deaths


573 deaths

Passaic New Jersey US

571 deaths

Middlesex New Jersey US

541 deaths

Philadelphia Pennsylvania US

524 deaths

Suffolk Massachusetts US

512 deaths

New Haven Connecticut US

511 deaths

Rockland New York US

499 deaths

Norfolk Massachusetts US

452 deaths


450 deaths


448 deaths

Essex Massachusetts US

447 deaths

King Washington US

434 deaths

Orleans Louisiana US

430 deaths


413 deaths

Morris New Jersey US

397 deaths

Ocean New Jersey US

392 deaths


391 deaths


373 deaths

Hampden Massachusetts US

352 deaths

Miami-Dade Florida US

351 deaths

Montgomery Pennsylvania US

346 deaths

Jefferson Louisiana US

341 deaths

Monmouth New Jersey US

328 deaths

Marion Indiana US

323 deaths


320 deaths

Orange New York US

301 deaths

  Dominican Republic

293 deaths


285 deaths

Plymouth Massachusetts US

272 deaths


270 deaths

Somerset New Jersey US

266 deaths

Erie New York US

266 deaths

Unassigned Rhode Island US

265 deaths

Worcester Massachusetts US

255 deaths

Montgomery Maryland US

248 deaths

  Korea, South

240 deaths

Prince George's Maryland US

237 deaths


235 deaths

Delaware Pennsylvania US

231 deaths

Mercer New Jersey US

227 deaths


225 deaths

Hennepin Minnesota US

224 deaths

District of Columbia District of Columbia US

223 deaths


218 deaths


218 deaths


210 deaths


205 deaths

Bucks Pennsylvania US

202 deaths

Clark Nevada US

188 deaths


188 deaths

Genesee Michigan US

186 deaths

Palm Beach Florida US

185 deaths

Broward Florida US

181 deaths

Milwaukee Wisconsin US

179 deaths


172 deaths

Bristol Massachusetts US

171 deaths


170 deaths


170 deaths

Lancaster Pennsylvania US

163 deaths

DuPage Illinois US

162 deaths

  Saudi Arabia

162 deaths

St. Louis Missouri US

154 deaths

Denver Colorado US

151 deaths

Will Illinois US

149 deaths

Riverside California US

147 deaths

Camden New Jersey US

145 deaths

Maricopa Arizona US

141 deaths

Arapahoe Colorado US

140 deaths


138 deaths

Lake Illinois US

137 deaths

East Baton Rouge Louisiana US

134 deaths

Fairfax Virginia US

130 deaths

Burlington New Jersey US

124 deaths

San Diego California US

123 deaths

Baltimore Maryland US

122 deaths


120 deaths

Dougherty Georgia US

118 deaths

Fulton Georgia US

117 deaths

Lucas Ohio US

117 deaths

Berks Pennsylvania US

115 deaths

Monroe New York US

114 deaths

Harris Texas US

112 deaths

Baltimore City Maryland US

112 deaths

Cuyahoga Ohio US

111 deaths

 British Columbia Canada

111 deaths

  United Arab Emirates

111 deaths

Santa Clara California US

111 deaths

Chester Pennsylvania US

110 deaths

St. Tammany Louisiana US

108 deaths

Snohomish Washington US

107 deaths

Unassigned Indiana US

107 deaths

Caddo Louisiana US

104 deaths

Dallas Texas US

103 deaths


103 deaths

  South Africa

103 deaths

Sussex New Jersey US

100 deaths

Henrico Virginia US

95 deaths

Weld Colorado US

94 deaths

Cobb Georgia US

94 deaths

Allegheny Pennsylvania US

94 deaths

Northampton Pennsylvania US

93 deaths


93 deaths


93 deaths

San Bernardino California US

92 deaths

 Puerto Rico US

91 deaths


91 deaths

Jefferson Kentucky US

91 deaths

Anne Arundel Maryland US

90 deaths

 Alberta Canada

90 deaths


88 deaths

Luzerne Pennsylvania US

83 deaths

Lake Indiana US

83 deaths

Unassigned Maryland US

82 deaths

Warren New Jersey US

82 deaths

Lackawanna Pennsylvania US

80 deaths

Pima Arizona US

80 deaths

Litchfield Connecticut US

80 deaths

Mahoning Ohio US

79 deaths

Middlesex Connecticut US

77 deaths

  North Macedonia

75 deaths


74 deaths

Lehigh Pennsylvania US

73 deaths

Jefferson Colorado US

73 deaths

Franklin Ohio US

71 deaths

Hamilton Ohio US

70 deaths

El Paso Colorado US

69 deaths

  Bosnia and Herzegovina

69 deaths


69 deaths

St. John the Baptist Louisiana US

68 deaths


68 deaths

New Castle Delaware US

68 deaths

Tarrant Texas US

66 deaths


65 deaths

Beaver Pennsylvania US

64 deaths

St. Louis City Missouri US

63 deaths

Adams Colorado US

62 deaths


62 deaths

Hamilton Indiana US

62 deaths

Johnson Indiana US

61 deaths


61 deaths


61 deaths

Washtenaw Michigan US

60 deaths

Alameda California US

59 deaths

Saginaw Michigan US

58 deaths


58 deaths

Sussex Delaware US

57 deaths

Gwinnett Georgia US

56 deaths

Frederick Maryland US

55 deaths

Mobile Alabama US

55 deaths

Manatee Florida US

55 deaths

Wyandotte Kansas US

54 deaths


54 deaths

Monroe Pennsylvania US

52 deaths


50 deaths

Allen Indiana US

50 deaths

Stark Ohio US

49 deaths

Summit Ohio US

49 deaths

Pierce Washington US

48 deaths

San Mateo California US

48 deaths

Kane Illinois US

48 deaths

Madison Indiana US

48 deaths

Bexar Texas US

47 deaths

DeKalb Georgia US

47 deaths

Mecklenburg North Carolina US

47 deaths

Shelby Tennessee US

47 deaths

Travis Texas US

47 deaths

Yakima Washington US

46 deaths

Jefferson Alabama US

46 deaths

Carroll Maryland US

46 deaths

Gloucester New Jersey US

45 deaths


45 deaths

Orange California US

45 deaths

Lafourche Louisiana US

45 deaths

San Juan New Mexico US

44 deaths

Charles Maryland US

43 deaths

  Burkina Faso

43 deaths

Sacramento California US

43 deaths

Lee Florida US

43 deaths

Linn Iowa US

43 deaths

Unassigned Louisiana US

43 deaths

Barnstable Massachusetts US

43 deaths

Multnomah Oregon US

43 deaths

Lubbock Texas US

42 deaths


42 deaths

Coconino Arizona US

42 deaths

Sarasota Florida US

42 deaths

St. Landry Louisiana US

42 deaths

Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) Michigan US

41 deaths

 New South Wales Australia

41 deaths

  San Marino

41 deaths


41 deaths

Atlantic New Jersey US

41 deaths

Albany New York US

41 deaths

Arlington Virginia US

41 deaths

Benton Washington US

40 deaths

 Channel Islands United Kingdom

40 deaths

Tulare California US

40 deaths

Boulder Colorado US

40 deaths

Johnson Kansas US

40 deaths

Ascension Louisiana US

40 deaths

Portage Ohio US

38 deaths

St. Charles Louisiana US

37 deaths

Pinellas Florida US

37 deaths

Franklin Massachusetts US

37 deaths

Dutchess New York US

37 deaths

Greenville South Carolina US

37 deaths

Sumner Tennessee US

36 deaths

New London Connecticut US

Paperback available worldwide on amazon

Paperback available worldwide on amazon
Triumphants: What Would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?