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Human Crisis: It Continues Nicaragua s Dictator and Communist Ortega Regime

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Human Crisis: It Continues Nicaragua s Dictator and Communist Ortega Regime

2021-07-06 by Veronica Davis

Night of Terror  as Kidnapping  numbers mount up in Nicaragua . On Monday more Presidential candidates in Nicaragua have been arrested by Dictatorship Daniel Ortega. For Months the evil,  dictator is preventing all leaders from entering office for November 2021 Presidency. On June 25, 2021 after emergency U.S Sanctions against Ortegas Regime the Nicaragua President Dictator Daniel Ortega met with Russian Vladimir Putin in Managua, Nicaragua.

Monday Night Ortegista police arrested farmworker leaders Medardo Mairena. According to the Ortegista police he is being accused of murder and kidnapping by his own regime. Pedro had  planned to run against Ortega for the next 2021 presidential. Two other leaders of farmers' groups, Pedro Mena and Freddy Navas, were also arrested. An opposition activist named a Pablo Morales, was arrested.

Anyone speaking against the Dictatorship is being arrested for treason. Nicaraguan Student leader were also arrested. Lesther Alemán, a former student leader who returned to Nicaragua after exile . Another student leader Max Jerez was arrested.

At least 27 opposition figures over the past month have been arrested.

During the last couple of weeks this June in a live televised speech Dictator Ortega said to the Sandinista Communist Nicaraguan audience, "The enemies of the revolution, the enemies of the people, are shouting how is it possible they're detained, how is it possible they're imprisoned, how is it possible they're being prosecuted,".

There is little of  discussion of the jail conditions of all leaders. But the current conditions of Nicaraguan jail allows brutality against the rights of humanity. As stories of horror have been documented of people released in the past two years.

The Nicaraguan political prisoners are in secret locations, incommunicado and have no access to relatives or lawyers.

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