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Human Crisis Protest death of George Floyd "I can't Breath" brings turmoil

Human Crisis Protest death of George Floyd "I can't Breath" brings Turmoil

People behaving in the most uncivilized manner. These are the godless ones. It also shows the power of the civilization today. When humanity fails to obey the injustice of social order.

In the last few hours a world has been turned upside down in Minneapolis. Not leaving it in the hands of God Almighty. It looks like a break down of civilization or is it the beginning of civil war. For the majority believing in the God Almighty Yeshua Jesus Christ whom has given us instructions to stand still. Just like the time when Abraham watched Sodom burn to the ground as he watched from a far and stood still with God Almighty.

Then I said, "Lord how long?" and he answered:

"Until the cities are laid waste and without inhabitant,
the house are without man ,
the land is utterly desolate,
The Lord has removed men far away
and the forsaken places
are many  in the midst of the land.
Isaiah 6:11 HL

Many people spreading their anger all over breaking police officers cars. The Police department was destroyed. On one photo captured a man holding on to just the head of a pig. Watch James Munder video of  LOS ANGELES & Minneapolis Are BURNING: NATION GUARD CALLED IN

Cold Blooded murder under police custody sparks thousands to protest yesterday. Last night it was a night for looters and burning buildings. Plenty of videos has surfaced where Target store was totally destroyed along with other business. watch on tweets of one white woman  in an electrical chair stabbing looters coming in and out of the target store. In another video tweet you will see looters using shopping cars as if they were going shopping. The video shows no workers at Target Store or security guards. So what happened to the troopers?

There will be justice commented President Trump. He has called an FBI investigation. But also the National Guard have been called out.

George Floyd's sister said they murdered my brother and they will pay through the courts. During her video she is seen wearing a shirt with  the last words said by  her Brother "I can't Breath"  See video  George Floyd was a security officer at a Latin American restaurant . His Mother had died last year.

Armed citizens on the street? Could this be a cover up for the beginning of a civil war?

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May 27 2020

Protesters Gather Outside Former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin’s Home by Wcco CBS Minnesota
Protesters Gather Outside Former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin’s Home
May 28 2020
MINNEAPOLIS RIOTS: Looting, fires, molotov cocktails rock the city after George Floyd's death